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PESCO, CSDP Missions, Russian Visas, Qatar… Read on B2 Pro this week (September 5 to 9)

Weapons acquisition mechanism, Russian visa restrictions, PESCO projects, reform of the command of civilian missions, budgets... Summaries of the many information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives.

[Exclusive] Mixed feedback on PESCO projects (permanent structured cooperation)

Five years after its creation, PESCO is struggling to get started. A report pointing out the major shortcomings was forwarded to COPS (Political Security Committee) ambassadors in mid-July. With difficulties ranging from lack of cooperation to slow progress, it is now important to “ revitalize these projects. (...) or to carefully consider their closure ».

[Exclusive] Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP): budgets are under pressure, missions are in danger of disappearing

The European budget dedicated to the common security and defense policy cannot support all the desires of the 27. Certain civilian missions, which are too costly and ineffective, are in the hot seat. Choices will have to be made. Iraq, Libya, Somalia. The EEAS proposes to reduce the airfoil, even to close missions

[Confidential] The acquisition mechanism will not deliver on its promises

Beyond the initial enthusiasm, the European Parliament questions the arms acquisition mechanism. Criticisms multiply and look more and more like criticisms. Indeed, with the initial desire to contribute to the joint purchase of weapons by the Member States, the future acquisition fund will ultimately finance only part of the expenditure. What could explain this drop in ambition? An acquisition mechanism reduced to acquests

[News] The free movement of Russians in the European Union will be limited

Following last week's Gymnich, the European Commission presented a proposal for a decision ensuring the total suspension of the visa facilitation agreement with Russia. She thus evokes the reason for the aggravation of the conflict in Ukraine. And envisages the increase in the cost of visas and the " non-recognition  » Russian passports issued in the occupied areas of Ukraine. For more details, read our decryption of the Commission's proposal.

[Exclusive] Something new at the CPCC (Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability)

The Italian Stefano Tomat should take command of civilian CSDP missions, thus replacing General Francisco Esteban Perez. This appointment will make it possible to restructure the functioning of the civilian missions. Read : A new commander and a new structure for the CPCC.

[Confidential] The EU expands in the Gulf countries

The European Union is preparing to set up a new special representative in the Gulf. Objective: to ensure the presence of Europe in a strategic region and to promote stability in the Arab countries. B2 read ahead the main elements of this mandate.

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