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B2 Pro offers reflection and anticipation tools to actors, decision-makers and observers of the European geopolitical scene, interested in defense, diplomacy and foreign policy, powers and political union.

Subscribing already means supporting intense work carried out by committed and professional journalists. Subscribing also means being informed, precisely and as objectively as possible. Two to three new articles every day… For Subscribe – subscribe, it’s here

Some information. Exclusives. A watch

Exclusives. It is the 'karma' of B2 Pro : None Confidential, original surveys, interviews complete, scoops. Of the decryptions educational. To anticipate as much as possible… but also to understand.

Regular information. B2 Pro it is also step-by-step monitoring of European and diplomatic news... from the field to behind the scenes, from ministerial meetings to operations. THE news sections et in short

The forecasts. A provisional agenda is published a few days before each important council meeting (Foreign Affairs, Defence). A special notebook is published after the meeting to follow the course of the meeting. Ex. On the agenda of the NATO Foreign Affairs Ministerial in Riga.

The Permanent Watch Book. PPublished two or three times a week, it is the essential meeting place for readers. Confidential, latest official (or unofficial) declarations, approved texts, jobs, appointments, etc. Sesame for nothing miss the defense policy and foreign policy of the EU. Still with the original documents. See all Notebook of B2.

The portraits. Each person appointed to head a sovereign ministry of the Member States, or of the European Union (EEAS, special representative, mission or CSDP operation) is biographed. And regularly, B2 publishes the list of ministers of the 27 in its privileged sectors. To know who is who... Portrait section

Sanctions follow-up. Freezing or thawing of assets, visa bans, economic restrictions, arms embargo. This instrument is now commonly used by the European Union. The measures that will be taken, the details of the measures adopted. It's all in the Sanctions section

The case law of the Court. All the interesting judgments of the Court or the General Court of the EU are reported, detailed and even commented on, as are the important conclusions of the Advocates General, on the main subjects of geopolitical Europe. There case law section is unmatched

Educational, reflection and research tools

Files. Set up at the request of its readers, these files provide an overview of often complex political or operational news (refugee crisis, Iranian sanctions, EU High Representative, etc.). They restore the chronological thread between the different articles published and the different European actions triggered on a theme.

Memos. An indispensable tool in the world of European Union foreign and defense policy. Designed in a pedagogical way, in a journalistic style, but with all the useful details, accompanied by the original documents, these memo cards are regularly enriched and updated. A veritable gold mine for understanding how the European machine works.

All internet tools

B2 uses all the resources of the 'on line': access to the article as soon as it is published, updates of the articles, links between the different articles on the same subject, attached original documents, etc.

An alert with each publication. It comes to you by email with each published article. This allows you to be informed of the essentials right away. You want to read everything, you click on the link, you read. You can unsubscribe anytime. NB: you can also use RSS technology or PopUp at the bottom of the site.

A special alert. In the event of important news, an email alert is sent to all our subscribers. Very useful, the day before a Summit or Council to have the draft conclusions.

Updates. A B2 specialty. Articles are updated, even rewritten and republished if necessary. The version number is listed in parentheses in the title.

Original documents available. When the original document is available, it is uploaded directly into the article. The only exception: when they are covered by a ban (e.g. embargo). To avoid any breakage of the link over time, it is generally repatriated to our site.

A multi-source information feed. For example on EU or NATO defense ministries, Member State governments, EEAS structures (high representative, CSDP missions, etc.) or defense blogs or think tanks. A device based on RSS technology. See the news feed

Make reading easier

Accurate but accessible. B2’s ambition is to satisfy both the specialized expert and the person who is discovering the subject. As much as possible we avoid the jargon or repetitive abbreviations that Eurocrats and the military love so much 😉

Quick reading. Each article is designed for quick reading with a chapter and a counter chapter (to set the context), informative intertitles, colored elements to identify quotes. It's up to everyone to read, in full, or just the paragraph that interests them.

Rigor in information. Our information is factual, sourced (if necessary anonymously according to the ethical rules in use). When we add our own analysis or comments, they are added separately and clearly visible: with a Nota Bene, a footnote, or the word comment above the paragraph. No gender mixing!

Transparency. The conditions for collecting an interview are also mentioned (date, language, methods, etc.). Ex.: an interview with several journalists is not an exclusive interview…

Database. B2 Pro, it is a structured database which includes more than 2022 articles at the start of 15.000. Each article is “tagged” with keywords. It is classified in several sections (depending on the type of article, the geographical area, the theme indicated). A simplified search module is in place.

Automatic translation module. B2 is entirely written in French. But a translation module (based on Google technology) is integrated, with automatic translation into all languages. NB: we tested English and Italian, in particular, which gave a correct result; the result is more imprecise for Germanic languages).

The independence of B2, his team

An independent media. B2 is a media produced by professional journalists. It is supported by a non-profit association registered in Paris. Our objective is to develop quality European information of general interest, far from any influence. Il is officially recognized by the Publications and Press Agencies Commission (CPPAP) and approved for political and general information (IPG).

A team based at strategic points. B2 has a small, solid team, based in Brussels, with the main European information sources (Commission, Parliament, Council, EEAS, NATO, etc.) and in Paris. The approach is resolutely journalistic, with a concern to clearly identify the subjects, to bring out the essentials and to avoid any blabla.

A concern for self-expertise. Our specialization allows us to dissect complexities, to flush out inconsistencies, but also to put forward possible solutions. This specific expertise has been developed over the years with one goal: to produce our own analysis, not to depend on that of others. A quality that gives B2 reference status.

Interactivity with readers. Information to be confirmed, a wish to see a subject in depth, additional necessary information on an article published... B2 is responsive and interactive. Contact us by email or by leaving a comment in an article. All comments are read, but their publication is limited in order to maintain the confidentiality of the sources and not to interfere with the ease of reading.

A price calculated as accurately as possible. The subscription price corresponds only to the technical and editorial costs. B2 does not have to pay investors, shareholders or “salespeople”. Its administrative costs are reduced to the strict minimum (5%). The administration of the site and the management of the structure is carried out on a voluntary basis. All surpluses are reinvested in our editorial tool.

own resources. The guarantee of this independence is our financing. It depends on our readers. B2 has no advertising, sponsorship or patronage. It does not receive public subsidies or Google-type funds. One of the rare European media to have chosen this path. He carefully manages his funds according to the rule of orthodoxy: no debt.

Go somewhere else where others don't go. This is the philosophy of B2. When everyone is running in the same direction, we try to look elsewhere. In the sectors we cover, as we  confide: " you are the best, precise and… cheaper ».

For any information, questions, special cases, do not hesitate… Contact us !

  Media approved political and general information CPPAP n° Y91026 

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  • Hello, I live and work (obviously) in Algeria, I am a specialist in North Africa and the Sahel issues. Your articles and analyzes interest me. Is there a way to fulfill your conditions from Algiers?


    • Nicolas Gros Verheyde

      There are no additional conditions if you live in Algiers or elsewhere. Membership is open to everyone. And the price is the same for everyone.


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