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A complete educational and scientific resource

The Quezako is much more than a simple collection of information. It functions as a permanent collection, offering the flexibility of reading from start to finish, the possibility of picking out a few specific topics or serving as a reminder on a specific point. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of European diplomacy, missions and operations, sanctions, or European defense capabilities, Le Quezako is continually enriched. New sheets, additional information, updated references are regularly added.

A resource for everyone, precise and accessible

Quezako aims to be both educational and scientific. It is aimed at a wide audience: students, researchers, professors, European Union agents, competitive exam candidates, MPs, and curious people in general. The writing adopts a precise approach while remaining accessible, even for non-specialists. Our ambition is to raise awareness and promote understanding.

An objective journalistic approach

Quezako's approach remains faithful to what made the “Bruxelles2” blog successful. We adopt an uncompromising tone to highlight errors or weaknesses, but we also refuse to fall into criticism for the sake of criticism or Euro-pessimism. In accordance with B2's editorial line, we aim to maintain a balance in our analysis.

Free access for members and subscribers

Access to Quezako is free and unlimited for B2 members and subscribers. If you have not yet registered, simply register online and make payment. It's simple and immediate. You will receive a password directly in your email box. To join and contribute, please click here.


four parts

I – The common European security and defense policy

II. EU internal security policy

III – European powers

IV – The Atlantic Alliance

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