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Since its creation in 2008 in the form of a blog, B2-Bruxelles2 has gradually evolved to become an essential medium, offering a 'Professional' edition, an 'Educational' edition as well as its historical blog, accessible to all. Approved as a "political and general information" organization by the CPPAP (France) since 2015, B2 is independent of any political or religious current.

First-hand information for a unique perspective

At B2, we rely on concrete journalistic work, based mainly on information collected directly, from the sources themselves. Whether in the corridors of European power, by gathering confidences from decision-makers, from EU Member States or on the ground, where Europe is engaged and in crisis areas, our objective is to provide reliable and exclusive information.

A different look for a deeper understanding

B2 seeks to bring a different perspective to the news. We try not to forget the "crises" that are often overlooked, avoiding being overwhelmed by the incessant flow of news. Our approach consists of deciphering, understanding and analyzing certain complex realities. We want to explore unusual perspectives, anticipate future events or learn from the past. We take into account the gray areas often present in a crisis, or the different points of view that may exist on the same situation. To find out more, you can consult our editorial line.

All the themes of geopolitical Europe at your fingertips

B2 covers a wide range of topics related to geopolitical Europe. From the Caucasus region to Africa, via the Middle East, the Gulf and Asia, we address all crisis areas. We are also interested in European powers, European defense (law, doctrine, strategy, national armies), common foreign and security policy (CFSP) including sanctions, diplomacy, human rights , humanitarian aid and civil protection. Peacekeeping missions and operations (PSDC), the defense economy and industry, the High Representative and the European diplomatic service (EEAS), NATO, the UN, internal security, the fight against terrorism, borders, and fundamental rights are also among our favorite themes.

Our ambition: An understandable and transparent European policy

At B2, we strive to make European politics understandable and accessible to everyone. Our perspective is intended to be independent of institutions, ready to criticize when necessary, but also to highlight what works (and which is often overlooked). We thus wish to contribute to the questioning of preconceived ideas.

Fiercely independent and supported by our readers

B2 is entirely funded by membership fees, donations and press-related activities. We do not distribute advertising, sponsorship or subsidies. Our team of journalists works with passion to bring this media to life. B2 is supported by a non-profit association (ASBL) and all income is reinvested to maintain our commitment to you, our readers.

The Quezako: An essential educational resource

Le Quezako is the educational edition of B2, a veritable online encyclopedia comprising memo cards and regularly updated files. Discover our new tool, designed to help you better understand European policies.


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