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Created in 2008 in the form of a blog, gradually transformed, with a 'Professional' edition, an 'educational' edition and the historical blog, accessible to all B2-Bruxelles2 is a media approved for 'political and general information' by the CPPAP – France) since 2015, Independent of any political or denominational movement.

First-hand information

B2, it is a journalistic work, concrete. It is mainly based on first-hand information, at the source, whether in the corridors of European powers, by collecting the confidences of the participants in the decisions, from the various Member States of the EU (or elsewhere), or on the ground, where the Europe and in crisis areas.

Another look

B2 intends to ask a “ another look". We try not to forget the crises forgotten, by trying to escape the steamroller of the news, by endeavoring to decipher, to make people understand, to weigh up certain realities that are complex to grasp. Our will is to go "somewhere else", beyond the usual stream of news, to take a look in “before” to see what may happen tomorrow, or in “back” to take up the lessons of the past, “next” because a crisis zone often hides many others, or “differently” because points of view can be different on the same situation,… Read our editorial slant

All themes of geopolitical Europe

B2 sweeps the crisis zones — from the Caucasus to Africa via the Middle East and the Gulf or Asia — and all the detours of geopolitical Europe: European powers, Europe of defense (right , doctrine, strategy, national armies), common foreign and security policy (CFSP) — sanctions, diplomacy, human rights, humanitarian aid, civil protection —, peacekeeping missions and operations (PSDC), the economy and the defense industry, the High Representative and the European diplomatic service (EEAS), NATO, the UN, internal security and the fight against terrorism, borders, fundamental rights, etc.

Our ambition ?

Make European policy comprehensible and readable, with a view that wants to be independent of the institutions. Criticizing if necessary, pointing out what does not work but welcoming and highlighting what works (and is often overlooked), we thus intend to put an end to preconceived ideas.

Fiercely independent

B2 lives only from subscriptions, donations or activities related to the press. It does not benefit from advertising, sponsorship or subsidies. It is made by a "magpie" team of journalists. It is supported by a non-profit association (ASBL). All revenues are reinjected to support this media.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

B2, today there are three editions centered on geopolitical Europe

Le Blog free access, with operational news, editorials, reports, white cards... Read: The blog in a nutshell.

B2 Pro, reserved for B2 members and subscribers, to deepen and decipher diplomatic, economic and institutional news. Exclusive articles and a permanent watch. Why subscribe

Le Quezako, the educational edition of B2, a veritable online encyclopaedia which includes regularly updated memo sheets and files. Read : The Quezako, a new tool to know European policies

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