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To subscribe to our email alerts

To register, simply click on the menu on the right “receive alerts” (or on the popup that appears on the site), fill in your email. You will receive a confirmation email. An essential precaution. You will then need to confirm this email and you will be registered.

To opt out of email alerts

Just click on “unsubscribe” in one of the alert emails. It is simple and efficient.

If you can't do it: 1° You were able to register on another email, this may be the one that is registered. 2° This may not be an email alert, but a PopUp alert (see below). 3° Otherwise, make a copy or send us the automatic notification email addressed to you so that we can do what is necessary and identify where the error is coming from.

To subscribe or opt out of PopUp alerts

The B2 (Le blog) or B2 pro (Le Club) sites are equipped with this 'popup' which allows you to simply subscribe to an alert on your computer, tablet or smartphone screen as soon as an article is published ( without giving your email). B2 does not record any data or even statistics on people who have subscribed to this type of alert.

If you want to have an alert that arrives on your computer or smartphone), it's simple, just go to the relevant site B2 (the blog) where the Club B2 Pro and click on the bell (located at the bottom left of the site display screen). Attention ! just one click is enough (either to subscribe or unsubscribe). It's a back and forth system.

How do you know if you are subscribed or unsubscribed? The bell is in Red or Green mode'blade' if you have subscribed, in mode 'bright' if you are not or no longer registered.

A beep sounds with each alert, and you want to delete it? The sound signal that you can receive (or not) in the event of an alert is not configured by this popup but according to the parameters that you have set on your computer or smartphone for this type of alert.

To add a “Brussels2” icon directly to the screen of your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open your web application (eg Safari or Firefox)
  2. Type on your device the address of the blog: or that of the club
  3. When the site page is displayed, tap central icon.
  4. To select "Public chat the home screen” in the icons provided at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Enter the icon name and tap Add.
  6. You will then find the icon on your home screen. All you have to do is touch it to directly open the “Bruxelles2” site.

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