Why was the B2 blog born?

One day, one of my editors who was reluctant to publish one of my reports answered me, a little annoyed: " But you just put it on a blog »... In his opinion, it was rather a question of putting it in the basket. But the advice remained in the hollow of one of my ears. And when thanks to more personal events, I also discovered the ease of this instrument, from a technical point of view, as well as its power in terms of disseminating information, I started. First with a blog specializing in social issues. Then then with this blog, initially focused on foreign issues and European defense which has quickly become a reference medium for deciphering geopolitical Europe.

A new form of journalism

Keeping a blog like this requires reconnecting with the journalistic practice of the beginnings with the advantages of electronics. Go on the field and behind the scenes. Focus on having the primary sources (the text when it comes to a political or legal analysis) and not just its summary for the press. Source them, compare them, criticize them, be able to correct or adapt a text already published according to current events or new elements obtained.

A privileged relationship with the reader

This instrument also underlines the importance of the direct relationship with the readers, a relationship somewhat lost in the atmosphere of an editorial office. There are readers who are both ignorant and eager to find out who ask you a seemingly innocent question but which is a real glue or makes you wonder; others demanding, skillful and wise, who teach you more than you know. This rich dialogue – through comments or meetings – is one of the unsuspected and unsuspected riches of this blog (because comments are generally rarely published).

Try to be understandable by everyone

It also forces you to be more pedagogue. All the readers are not at the same level of knowledge nor especially in the same geographical environment. They do not have the same geopolitical or historical references. So, even if we can't help "jargon" from time to time, we also take pleasure in explaining, detailing points that seem obvious.

The refusal to be restrained

This site allows you to practice all forms of journalism: reporting, editorial, small news, more complete analysis, interview... Where most editorial staff confine you to a single exercise. One can handle irony and humor like the serious or the tragic. It also allows you to do hot news like coming back a few days, or a few weeks later, when you have "digested" the event on a fact, a news item.

Well told, European stories are fascinating

How many times have I heard these comments, a trifle routine, from colleagues, yet intelligent, sympathetic, but who at the helm of reputable daily newspapers, repeat to satiety: "Europe bores us", "Europe we don't understand nothing", "there is no place", "it has no interest"... This blog proves the contrary. There is an interest in "European stories", And not only in the European bubble. Beyond...

In short, B2 is "real" journalism, with undoubtedly more risks, responsibilities... but what a pleasure!

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