Data protection

B2 very early on, even before the entry into force of the general rules Data Protection (RGPD) of April 27, 2016 of the European Union, established rules aimed at the strict protection of the personal data of its readers.

No personal data not strictly necessary for sending email alerts is required for subscription to the blog newsletter, except your email. You are under no obligation to enter unnecessary elements (telephone, address, etc.). You can indicate a name, nickname or other. You are not definitively registered until you have validated your registration. You can unsubscribe at any time. An automatic unsubscribe link is included in all emails sent.

For the use of B2 Pro, in addition, all the accounting data (names, addresses, etc.), necessary for maintaining the membership file, editing calls for contributions or reminder invoices, are placed in a file, subject to the rules 'computing and freedoms'. This file is physically separated from the site and the mail alert lists managed by it. Bank data (account number, credit card) are not included in this file but managed directly by the banks, according to general regulations.

In all cases, the list of emails or other information remains strictly kept by B2, without any transfer, free or paid, to third parties, including public bodies. It is not placed on servers outside Europe, in order to prevent any parastatal use.