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At the Welcome village, welcoming new MPs

(B2) How is the arrival of the new deputies going? This subject was controversial recently with the arrival-exclusion of elected Catalan deputies.* We have redone the route

After the course in the seven stands, freedom to walk for the new MEPs (© NGV / B2)

The deputies first present themselves at a first stand located in the Altiero-Spinelli building, where two ushers welcome them below a “Welcome Village 2019-2024” banner which shows the way. They direct them to the József Antall building. Then begins a course in seven stands, quite classic in itself. A bit like when you arrive at a new company.

Above all, this is the fundamental step, you must give your name to a bailiff – that day, it is a bailiff – so that he can verify that they have indeed been elected, and are indeed on the list of the European Parliament. A phosphorescent label (which colors once the day has passed) is then attached to their jacket. It will allow them to move around the parliament for the day, while waiting for the temporary badge.

On the way to a succession of stands where the basics of the future MEP will be explained to them. Expected duration: 2 hours… Or even less for regulars or those in a hurry. Please note that this process must be completed for newly elected deputies as well as old ones who are re-elected and know the location.

First stand: the course. A parliamentary employee quickly explains the entire process they will follow and answers initial questions if necessary.

Second stand: photography. Essential for making the temporary badge (hard, secure), but also for parliamentary documentation (who's who, website, etc.).

Third stand: a form for all personal information, marital status, address, telephone details, bank details, etc.

Fourth stand: IT (in other words the internet, computing). They receive a temporary email address from parliament, have the intranet system explained to them… and gain an iPad in the process.

Fifth stand: finances. Crucial point. What will their compensation be, how to hire assistants… And above all the famous declaration of financial interests to be completed in as much detail as possible.

Sixth stand: security. It is obtaining the precious sesame, the temporary deputy badge. Laminated, secure, it will allow future deputies to circulate while waiting for the final badge which will be given to them once all the credentials have been verified (1), a priori from the beginning of July.

Seventh stand: mobility and transport, with advice on where to stay in Brussels or how to get to Strasbourg, travel for plenary sessions requires.

And here we go for five years of legislature…

(Coline Traverson, st, and NGV)

(1) Before taking up their seat, new Members of the European Parliament must declare in writing that they do not hold a position incompatible with that of Member of the European Parliament. A declaration to be made, according to the notes of the European Parliament, no later than six days before the first constitutive meeting » from July 2. Several functions are deemed incompatible with that of a Member of the European Parliament: minister or head of a national government, elected representative of a parliament of a Member State of the Union, European commissioner, judge at the Court of Justice, member of the executive board of the European Central Bank, the Court of Auditors or the European Investment Bank, etc. European civil servants or members of bodies established by the Union treaties to manage Community funds cannot be Members of Parliament either.

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