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David Cameron wants to arm Syrian rebels

(Credit: Prime Minister's office)

(B2) With the re-election of Barrack Obama as head of the White House, David Cameron intends to reconsider the European arms embargo on Syria. According to The Guardian, London is putting all the options back on the table, and arming the rebels would be one of the most plausible. The visit of the Prime Minister, Wednesday, November 7, in the Zaatari Refugee Camp (Jordan) would have been, still according to the British daily, the triggering element of this change of course. And now that the head of government is thinking about it, it is very likely that the national security council will discuss it at an extraordinary meeting next week. This new position also comes as the Syrian opposition is meeting in Doha, Qatar, to close ranks and try to form a transitional government. It is based on a legal analysis. The arms embargo on Syria contains - according to the British - a principle of proportionality which would make it possible to lift the restrictions in the event of a humanitarian catastrophe. It also coincides with the re-election of B. Obama and a new mandate promising a more marked American approach against the Assad regime. This could also suit Turkey, whose Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced on Thursday (November 8) the possibility of asking NATO to deploy PATRIOT missiles along its border with Syria. In short, a whole series of simultaneous circumstances for this one week.

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