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The latest evacuations of Europeans underway in Libya

return of a British C130 from the desert (credit: Royal Air France)

(B2) There are fewer than 800 European Union nationals currently on Libyan territory according to information received at 'B2'. And there should be even fewer left within 12 or 36 hours.

By air, Tripoli airport (as long as it works) serves as a rallying point. Several planes are currently or are due to land there in the coming hours, according to our information: a Hungarian plane (from the regular airline Malev), a Romanian plane (from the C27J Spartan army), a bulgarian plane (the government Airbus A319) as well as a Ukrainian plane (subject to reservation). While Egyptair is carrying out around twenty flights today and tomorrow (according to the blog Airline route). Note that Benghazi airport was not bombed as claimed in previous days. It is simply rendered unusable by numerous trucks which are on the tracks.

At sea, Benghazi serves as the base: the Royal Navy ship HMS Cumberland is making a new rotation towards Benghazi at this time where it hopes to bring back around 700 people (NB: it was supposed to be the turn of the French frigate Tourville to set sail but it was held up at the last moment). In addition to the Greek ferries that shuttle between Benghazi and Crete, two other ferries are expected (Russian and Algerian). four Turkish ferries are also mobilized and should arrive and leave, Monday 28, in Libya: two in Tripoli, one in Ras Lanouf and another in Misratah.

The difficulty now, according to the European Union's “Evacuations” crisis unit, will be to recover people who are isolated or scattered throughout the territory.

(updated 16 p.m.) The Europeans engaged in the evacuation operation at least 21 official planes (military or government) and 14 ships. Some are responsible for monitoring Libyan waters or protecting civilian ferries.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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