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The 2009 European “crisis management” budget on the increase?

(B2)The Council of Ministers of the European Union adopted – on October 2 – some adjustments to the 2009 draft budget – this has not yet been definitively voted on.

– A specific budget line will be created for the “consular cooperation” (line 19 06 06). In particular, during a crisis in a third country, it is a question of being able to act, within the framework of consular cooperation, to protect EU citizens not represented in these countries by their Member State. Commission delegations have in fact received a mandate to act (Article 20 of the EU and EC treaties) in liaison with the Member States present in the country (in particular for the sheltering of nationals, their evacuation, etc.) .

– Financial aid for Palestine, the peace process and UNRWA will be almost doubled: from 161 to 300 million euros.

– An additional allocation of 40 million euros in commitment credits will be provided to “support the stability and development of Kosovo”.

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A false increase
These last two lines had been anticipated in the draft budget discussed in July (100 million for Palestine, 60 million for Kosovo). This draft budget also includes a “contingency reserve” of 130 million euros.

On the other hand, in July, the Council removed the emergency aid reserve of 244 million euros (proposed by the Commission) and reduced the line “preparation and response to crises – instrument of stability” by 10 million euros. ” which thus amounts to 140 million euros (line 19 06 01 01), in view of the “budget execution” in progress and the “forecasts”. The budget for this line amounted to 139 million euros in 2007 and 179 million euros in 2008

The Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) – crisis management – ​​was allocated commitment appropriations of 159 million euros in 2007 and 285 million in 2008. An amount of 243 million is planned for 2009. In appropriations of payments, this gives: 179 million in 2008 and 234 million planned for 2009.


(updated Monday, October 6)

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