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Maternity leave: the Commission moves a little

(B2) It is quite unusual for the European Commission to propose a new minimum social standard that should not be neglected. Even if this proposal (18 weeks of minimum leave compared to 14 in existing legislation) is behind what the advisory committee requested (24 weeks) or the first initial projects (20 weeks). Even if certain provisions (on reconciling family life - professional life, we have gone from a right for women to a reinforced possibility of having flexible working hours). Even if the protection of women during dismissal is not as assured as appearance (we simply give the right to ask for the reasons for dismissal for the young mother dismissed upon her return from maternity leave)...
…It’s always better than nothing!

Especially since in many Member States, the situation is not as rosy as people would like to say. And the Commission is happy to point this out. The States – so-called apostles of social Europe – Spain, Belgium, France, Germany – are also those which have the lowest legal duration of maternity leave. So below the new next future standard, they will have to change the legislation – “because” of Europe -:)

So let's not shy away from our pleasure...


To read the article published today in Ouest-France re/actuDet/actu_3631-715230——_actu.html

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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