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A Swede takes the lead of the Takuba task force

(B2) Since yesterday Wednesday (November 10), Colonel Peter of the Swedish special forces has taken charge of the multinational operation initiated by the French in the Three Borders zone in the Sahel

Colonel Peter from the back with Brigadier General Landicheff, during the change of command (credit: DICOD/EMA)

A proof of trust

« The fact that Sweden is now allowed to take the lead is clear evidence that confidence in the Swedish special forces, the Swedish force as a whole and its personnel highly competent is high” says Colonel Peter *, who has just returned to Ménaka, the Takuba military base, after a tour of the region with his predecessor, French Brigadier General Philippe Landicheff. History of passing the baton well.

A first for the French and the Swedes

For the Swedes, Mali is not exactly a discovery. Sweden has been participating in the operation for almost a year in Takuba, with a rapid reaction force equipped in particular with a Black Hawk helicopter (Hkp-16 in the Swedish name). But this is the first time since the start of the French intervention in Mali that the French have dared to entrust a European with command of one of their intervention components on site. Until now, the Swedes only had one assistant position.

A certain European interest

A dozen nations are currently participating in the Takuba task force, directly on the ground, or in command. But others could join her. “ There is a clear European interest in contributing to this important task ”, we indicate on the Swedish side. Sweden will take command until March 1. The Swedish contingent should then return home.


* A pseudonym. Sweden makes a point of not revealing the identity of its special forces.

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