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Atalanta's balance sheet in recent months

(B2) The European Union naval operation to combat piracy and trafficking in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean (EUNAVFOR Atalanta) has just taken stock of the first five months of the year, between January and May 2021

(credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

His frigate ITS Carabiniere (F-593) — which is the only ship currently in the operation — protected and escorted 78 World Food Program (WFP) ships, delivering 76 million tons of humanitarian aid to Somalia. She conducted 520 'friendly approaches' (Friendly Approaches). As for the maritime surveillance aircraft P-3M Orion, of the Spanish Navy, carried out 222 hours of surveillance flights. Finally, the operation conducted five more targeted operations (focused ops).


Emmanuelle Stroesser

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