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Scorpio. Tested and approved

(B2) The Scorpion tactical combat system will be integrated into the French Army from 2021. Before that, it was tested by a company of 175 people for a year. Testimony of captain Antoine, unit commander of the 2nd combat company of the 13th BCA

(credit: Ministry of the Armed Forces)

« From the hunter to the unit commander, the Scorpion program encourages subsidiarity, the use of all the potentials, the capacities of each level, and most importantly: it allows a grain of rhythm and efficiency to win in high intensity combat. “says Captain Antoine.

To reach this conclusion, Captain Antoine spent a year training a company on the Scorpion program, the new tactical combat system to be integrated into the French Army from 2021, with the deployment of a first inter-arms tactical group (GTIA). This notably means equipping the army with both new armored vehicles (Griffons, Jaguars and Servals), as well as the SICS information system.

Objective: win the fight

The formation of the 2nd combat company of the 13th BCA (Alpine hunter battalion) stationed in Savoie took place in three stages, spread over one year.

At first, it took a technical training » pilots and users on the Griffon and the SICS to be « able to provide our own training “explains the Captain. Then a " tactical training », first individual, then collective. This time the goal was to master the tool without an opponent ". Before moving on to the last stage: the restitution of the achievements during a new " tactical training » of 4 days and 4 nights, in high intensity, in real situation — understand « with a real adversary: ​​another captain with means similar or superior to mine, who tries to destroy my company ».

For fighters: the Griffon

For the fighters, explains Captain Antoine, " the transformation is actually embodied in the vehicle that transports them and in which they fight in this case the Griffin. It is " a real upgrade “, rejoices the Captain, who mentions several decisive points:

Sa mobility, with a " greater crossing capacity and mobility compared to the VAM vehicle, despite the much larger size ". Whether on small forest tracks or the roads of the Col du Galibier, the Griffon passes the test, assures the Captain, going so far as to compare its mobility to a " big pickup ";

The cockpit open inside of the Griffin « increases exchange capacities between pilot, captain and tactical commander ". In addition, there is a better quality of seats and air conditioning, which allows you to fight on the ground and commit to the long term »;

Power on the go : a silhouette " quite aggressive and really imposing, which makes it possible to win the decision by taking the ascendancy on the enemy;

His discretion, perfect for a surprise effect in infiltration ". Unlike the VAB vehicle that " we hear several kilometers away with characteristic noise, here we can position ourselves 500 meters from an enemy position » ;

A level of protection ballistic and anti-mine, which allows the troops to embark as close as possible from the field, which delighted the Captain.

For tactical leaders: SICS maps

For tactical leaders, SICS is the game changer.

The big advantage is the maps. In the tactical preparation, the SICS “ makes it possible to share the same vision between the leader and the subordinate. The tactical leader can create routes which will be transmitted directly to the pilot's GPS. This allows for a reliable ride ».

For Captain Antoine, " the greatest added value " it's here friend geolocation : have a " situational awareness of all nearby subordinates and friends ". An asset not only in offering a clear general vision, but above all in finding a tactical opportunity and “ use the right effect at the right time ", as " facilitate » the reorganization of troops between two combat phases.

Furthermore, the SICS has an interface that is so " simple and intuitive that the Captain compares it to a commercial tablet. It completely guarantees a grip “ Fast » and a use « reliable in a stressful situation, welcomes the Capital Antoine.

In short, the tool makes the maneuvers more efficient and closer to the combatants, said Captain Antoine, who looks more than impatient to continue working with the program.

A source of motivation

In addition to practical and tactical advantages, the Scorpion is " a real human resources tool within the company remarks the Captain. It's a real source of motivation for young people, he notes. This is due both to the technological leap of which it consists and because the formations " give them a rewarding and decisive place within the company ", he rejoices.

(Aurelie Pugnet)

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