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Labor positions themselves for a customs union with the EU

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party (credit: Labour)

(B2) The British Labor Party is in favor of concluding a new customs union with the EU, after Brexit. This position was made official by Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn in a discourse devoted to Brexit, in Coventry, this Monday (February 26).

A union " and Assistance »

« We are leaving the European Union, but we will continue to work with European partners in the economic interests of this country » believes Jeremy Corbyn. However, it is not a question of resuming the current system intact. “ The UK will need its own bespoke relationship » underlines the Labor leader. The Customs Union would thus be the subject of a “ new treaty » between the British and European partners, integrating the « protections, clarifications or exemptions where needed ».

Objective: to avoid any discontinuity

However, this union should work in the same way as currently, according to Keir Starmer. In addition to continuing to benefit from “ the same economic advantages ", this would allow the United Kingdom to comply with its commitments by not re-establishing a border with Ireland.


A unanimous position

This position seems “unanimously” shared within Labor according to Keir Starmer, the party's Brexit referent, who spoke on Sunday on the with the BBC. More than 80 Labor figures are in favor of the United Kingdom remaining in the European single market and the customs union, thus going against the grain of the position of Theresa May's government.

Theresa May weakened

According to Corbyn, " The Conservative government is damaging our country and its Brexit priorities risk increasing this damage ". Theresa May's government does not hide its desire to leave the internal market and the customs union. This clear positioning of Labor, combined with the Conservatives rebelling against a hard Brexit, could shake up the position of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who is due to present on Friday, March 2, her conception of the future partnership between the EU and the United Kingdom. .

(CB/NGV with AFP)

Download the discourse by Jeremy Corbyn.

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