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Scientific training for the Malian police

A Malian police officer places evidence markers at a crime scene. (EUCAP Sahel Mali)
A Malian police officer places evidence markers at a crime scene. (EUCAP Sahel Mali)

(BRUSSELS2) Crime scenes no longer hold any secrets for the non-commissioned officers of the Malian National Police. Taking fingerprints, photographing a crime scene, examining digital traces... were at the heart of the three-week training organized by the European mission EUCAP Sahel Mali. The trainees thus obtained, at the end of September, the status of experts of the Technical and Scientific Police (PTS).

Make the “silent witnesses” speak

Investigation, methodology, on-site measurements, taking fingerprints from an object or a person, packaging and storage were at the center of the training. “The clue is a mute witness who does not lie. It must be correctly observed and judiciously interpreted. explains one of the European trainers.  The trainees have been assigned to the case to elucidate the mystery surrounding the murder of Mr. X, and to find a possible suspect.

The investigation led them to the examination of three places: the apartment of the victim, a parking lot with an abandoned vehicle and the apartment of a suspect. Thus, vehicles, weapons, the victim's body were studied " very carefully ". The exercise focused on photographing the crime scene, storing the evidence collected, and digital traces with the examination of cell phones, relay antennas and internet traffic.

…and leave room for justice

The clues having spoken, place in the minutes, a document that will be used for justice. The correct drafting of this document, absolutely necessary in order to prevent the procedure from being invalidated, concentrated a good part of the training.

(Leonor Hubaut)

Leonor Hubaut

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