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The toll of Maidan Square, heavier than what the authorities say

(credit: Euromaidan)
(credit: Euromaidan)

(BRUSSELS2) According to information received directly by B2 from the spokespersons of the Ukrainian opposition, the toll given by the official authorities, of 25 dead, is largely understated. " Now we are sure that it is far superior. There are many wounded (NB: more than 500 according to the opposition). Some received first aid at our various mobile aid stations. But they can't really go to the hospital. Because they risk being arrested says Kateryna Maksym, one of the spokespersons of the Euromaidan Civic Sector. And even, " if they are arrested, and not kidnapped or killed as has been the case in the past, they are fine”. They are “therefore cared for by the inhabitants or sent to the churches which give them care”. NB: A clandestine method already used in other popular revolts. (detailed review below)

Use of live ammunition and grenades

Real street fights opposed demonstrators and law enforcement in Maidan Square in the evening and night of Tuesday (February 18). Two of the three water trucks employed by the police were burned. Some of the protesters were " killed by live ammunition. In the medical center at City Hall alone, the head of medical relief reported that 12 people were treated, victims of live ammunition ". For an example of a demonstrator being hit by a shot (we hear the weapons crackle, and this person collapsing, fatally hit), video broadcast on Facebook

There were only shootings but also the use of grenades - which were not only tear gas apparently - but explosives, of the same type as those used on January 19 (see this article and this photo published in a ukrainian newspaper). Read also the report of Kyiv Post

A Berkout carrying grenades (photographed by protesters)
A Berkout carrying grenades, according to the opposition (photographed by the demonstrators)

Since midnight, a "de facto state of emergency" has been established. Metro lines were interrupted, as was traffic, and all entrances to the city.

NB Report drawn up on February 19 at 1 a.m. (GMT+2) - in English

At least 14 people reported dead (+ 7 unconfirmed at this time).
- 3 dead bodies at the Officers house at Hrushevskogo street (photo proofed)
- 2 older people (man and woman) found dead at the barricades at the Institutska streeet (near the entrance to the Khreschatyk metro station) (photo proofed)
- 1 man died near the National Bank building (photo proofed)
- 1 protestor was founded with had cut near the Parliament building (BBC journalists report)
- 5 people killed during the Maidan crackdown (The Mirror of Week journalist report)
- 2 dead people just brought to the Kyiv city hospital #17 (information from MP Iryna Geraschenko)
- 7 people brought to the Kyiv city morgue (to be confirmed)

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