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Advance elements deployed in the Central African Republic (Maj)

An Airbus from the Esterel detachment as reinforcements in the Central African Republic (credit: )
An Airbus from the Esterel detachment as reinforcements in the Central African Republic (credit: French Ministry of Defense / DICOD)

(BRUSSELS2) Without waiting for the United Nations resolution, France has decided to strengthen its troops in the Central African Republic. The objective is to be immediately operational, as soon as the “green light” is given by the Security Council.

200 transmission specialists

More than 200 soldiers specializing in communications, equipment and the army's fuel service have already arrived in Bangui on Saturday (November 30). A deployment carried out under the precautionary and preparatory measures for a possible strengthening of the system in Bangui », Specifies the general staff of the armed forces. The objective is to strengthen and prepare M'Poko airport (in Bangui) for the arrival of reinforcements, and also to reinforce the HQ of the French force. Around ten rotations of Russian and Ukrainian Antonov 124s (leased as part of the NATO Salis program) will complement the men by transporting “ the logistical and support equipment necessary to install such a reinforcement”. The French military deployed in Bangui therefore includes nearly 700 soldiers, including 240 as part of the permanent detachment of Operation Boali. And more should arrive.

350 reinforcements. Destination Central African Republic

The BPC Dixmude (projection and command building), coming from Toulon, docked in Cameroon. On board, a detachment of 350 army soldiers and their vehicles (VAB and VBL type) - which constitute the ROE (the on-board operational reserve), as well as logistics trucks, and two Gazelle helicopters, thus landed and assembled this Sunday in the port of Douala. Elements " likely to be engaged in any operation ordered by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMA) by decision of the President of the Republic”, specifies the army general staff. They then took the road by rail. For an overview of the soldiers' transit, listen to and see the report from my colleague from RFI, Olivier Fourt.

NB: Operation Sangaris (this is the name of the operation), will be led by General Francisco Soriano, the head of the FFG (the French forces in Gabon) and commander of the 7th Armored Brigade.

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