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After Mali… Libya

(BRUSSELS2) With the EUTM Mali mission on track, let's move on to the next level of European strategy in the Sahel and northern Africa: Libya. It has been months since B2 spoke about this “possible” CSDP mission in Libya. The deadline is getting closer. The concept of crisis management (CMC) was adopted by the “27” on January 31, with the ambition of accelerating the pace. The first recruitments (around fifteen) have started. And a final evaluation mission returns to the field, on March 14, to refine the Concept of Operation (Conops). This could be adopted at the end of April; according to the same format as for the EUTM Mali mission, that is to say a “Conops +” sufficiently detailed to allow the rest of the planning to take place more quickly. The launch decision as well as the budget could thus be approved at the end of May. And the start of the mission is planned for June. According to the information that has reached us, the need is strong: the border management system is poorly coordinated, the controllers are poorly trained, and there is a lack of equipment...

Fight against immigration or stabilization

The mission, however, contains a contradiction. For some Europeans, it is essential to ensure border control in order to stop immigration from Africa. This involves resuming the projects started with the Gaddafi regime aimed at preventing the arrival of African immigrants crossing Libya. Clearly, we have a “frontex +” mission (named after the European border control agency. For the Libyan authorities, apparently according to the first EU evaluation missions, this is not elsewhere not so much the control of the coasts or the airports which seems essential to them but more the southern border A point of view shared by the anti-terrorist specialists, for whom it is important to avoid instability the passage of men or of. material to or from Mali, or even to Algeria. Strongly focused on the control of Libyan immigration to Europe, this imbalance will undoubtedly need to be corrected. The risk is indeed great as the stakes of this mission. either just as much South-South migration flows or the risk of internal terrorism as North-South control.

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