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“We must activate Eufor Libya in Misrata, it is urgent” A. Danjean

(BRUSSELS2) Arnaud Danjean, the president of the European Parliament's defense subcommittee, whom B2 spoke to on the phone, is not happy with the European wait-and-see attitude on Libya. While the situation in Misrata (west of Libya) is difficult, the inhabitants need food, medicine, etc. “the European Union remains inactive. However, we have decided to set up an operation, called EUFOR Libya. But this remains completely virtual. I plead for the EU to quickly activate this mission at least in Misrata. It's urgent. "

The French UMP-PPE MEP regrets that the European Union has “ties its hands by conditioning the launch of this operation on a request from OCHA. As much as it is logical that we place all our missions within the framework set by the United Nations, that we act on a request from the United Nations (NB: this was the case for the EUFOR Chad operation with a request from the Secretary General). But waiting for a request from a single United Nations agency is not normal..” And to conclude. “It is a shame that the only European response of the CSDP to the Libyan response is today blocked".

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NB: OCHA is headed by a Briton, Valerie Amos, former Speaker of the House of Lords (just before Cathy Ashton – read: A Baroness, Blairite shock, appointed to a key position at the United Nations) and development secretary in Tony Blair's government in 2003; coordination of NGOs on site is ensured by two British NGOs: “Save the Children UK” and “Oxfam UK”

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