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Tribute in Belgium to deceased children (Maj)

(B2) At 11 a.m. today, Belgium will stop to pay tribute to the 28 dead in the Sierre bus accident (including 22 children aged around twelve, mostly from Lommel and Heverlee). Hoping that this situation does not worsen in the coming days. Three children are still in critical condition at Lausanne University Hospital.

The remains of the victims left Switzerland this morning (Friday) aboard two Belgian Air Force C-130 Hercules. A tribute was paid at the start on the tarmac of the Sion military air base (generally used for training on F5 planes or an F-18 squadron), paid by the Valais police forces, in blue uniforms. king.

A minute of silence was also observed in the various European institutions – at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Wednesday midday (before the votes) – and in various working groups. This was the case, for example, for the diplomats of the Relex group yesterday Thursday, at the opening of the session.

In the photo, a team of bikers from Limburg – where some of the victims came from – waits for the arrival of some parents who returned from Switzerland in the Airbus made available by the Belgian Defense, yesterday evening (March 15) on the Brussels-Melsbroek military airport, to escort them on the buses provided. 8 injured children have already been able to return to Belgium (credit: Belgian Ministry of Defense).

(credit: Belgian Ministry of Defence)

The remains of the 22 children and 6 companions who died in the accident arrived by military planes. Descended one by one by the access ramp of the C-130, carried by the young soldiers of the ISTAR Battalion (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance) from Heverlee (another town of origin of the victims) before being stored in one of the airport hangars, to the sounds of the military fanfare.

(credit: Belgian Ministry of Defence)

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One thought on “Tribute in Belgium to deceased children (Maj)"

  • I simply wanted to pay tribute to all his children and parents whose suffering must be unbearable! I hope to bring some comfort to this pain with this poem
    When I'm gone, let me go!
    Let me go
    Because I have so many things to do and see!
    Don't cry thinking of me!
    Be thankful for the good years
    During which I gave you my love!
    You can only guess
    The happiness you have brought me!
    Thank you for the love everyone has shown me!
    Now, it is time for me to travel alone.
    For a short time you may feel pain.
    Confidence will bring you comfort and consolation.
    We will only be apart for a while!

    Let the memories soothe your pain ! I'm not far and life goes on!

    If you need it, call me and I'll come!
    Even if you can't see me or touch me, I'll be there,
    And if you listen to your heart, you will feel clearly
    The sweetness of the love I will bring!
    When it's time for you to leave,
    I will be there to welcome you,
    Absent from my body, present with God!
    Don't go to my grave to cry!
    I'm not here, I'm not sleeping!
    I am the thousand winds that blow,
    I am the glitter of snow crystals,
    I am the light that crosses the fields of wheat,
    I am the gentle autumn rain,
    I am the awakening of the birds in the calm of the morning,
    I am the star that shines in the night!
    Don't go to my grave to cry
    I'm not here, I'm not dead.

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