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Pierre Lellouche appointed to the “Afghanistan-Pakistan contact group”

The Elysée confirmed this by making its mission letter public. Pierre Lellouche, deputy in the National Assembly, was appointed “Special representative of France for Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

He thus comes to join the contact group made up around the American ambassador Richard Holbrooke, appointed special envoy for the region by Barack Obama, and the special representative of the EU already there, the German diplomat Klaus-Peter Klaiber. For its part, Germany has already appointed a special envoy for the region, Bernd Muetzelberg, its ambassador to India. And the UK too. The operating principle of this “contact group” takes up the system put in place for Bosnia in the 1990s precisely around Ambassador Holbrooke.

Lellouche is one of the French deputies, specialists in strategy and defense, rather classified as an “Atlanticist” having approved, against Chirac and Villepin, the US military intervention in Iraq in 2003. He is the author of a report on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. And notably chaired the NATO Parliamentary Assembly from November 2004 to November 2006. His blog

La Engagement letter of President Sarkozy calls for “propose all the initiatives that you deem useful to our interests, so that decisions are taken in the appropriate framework“. She gives him the mandate to “participate in discussions with our allies and partners” et “in liaison with the ambassadors to develop contacts with the Afghan and Pakistani authorities“. The deputy will have the means “which will be made available to you by all the ministries concerned, in particular those of Foreign and European Affairs; of the defense ; economy, industry and employment; from the interior, overseas and local authorities". “A unit bringing together the resources made available to you by the various administrations concerned will be created at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs” to assist him. Read the engagement letter.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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  • How would Mr. Lelouche know the precise nature of France's interests even though his mission is to propose all the initiatives he deems useful to serve them?

    Who defines the interests of France?

    How does a mission of this nature serve them?

    Under what constitutional provisions?

    Vast questions...

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