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Russian Relay in the Gulf of Aden

(B2)Admiral Vinogradov (572), an anti-submarine destroyer of the Russian Pacific Fleet, took over from the Neoustrashimy (Intepride), of the Baltic Fleet, off the coast of Somalia, to escort commercial ships face pirate attacks, the spokesperson for the Russian Navy, Captain Igor Dygalo, announced on Sunday, according to information reported by Novosti.

The ships carried out an exchange of necessary information and “Admiral Vinogradov has already escorted a convoy of two Russian merchant ships”, explained the soldier. The escort ship Neoustrashimy will leave the Gulf of Aden in the second half of January. It escorted “13 convoys comprising a total of 51 ships” according to the spokesperson for the Russian navy.

The ship must also participate, with the nuclear missile cruiser, Piotr Veliki, the replenishment tankers Petchenga and Boris Boutoma and the rescue tug Fotii Krylov, in the Russian-Indian maneuvers “Indra 2009” which take place at the end of the month in Arabian Sea. The Russian navy is very present in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean and has, more generally, been very active in recent months on all the seas around the world. A revival which contrasts with the relative discretion observed in recent years.

Justified by strategic needs (displaying the presence of Russia, facing the United States, and other navies; thus demonstrating the Russian capacity to intervene for certain allies, demonstrating equipment, etc.) and operational needs (resuming the training of sailors which had been abandoned), this presence is marked in several places. On the American side, the Navy held joint exercises with Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, a group of warships crossed the Panama Canal (the first time since 1944) and Russian ships visited Nicaragua. In Europe, in the Mediterranean, a group of ships has just participated in naval aviation maneuvers off the coast of Greece. In Africa, the Piotr Veliki is preparing to enter the port of Cape Town (South Africa).


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