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Gaza: Hamas started. The useless “Sarkozy” frigate…

(NGV)In front of the MEPs of the Defense Subcommittee, the Czech Ambassador to the EU Politics and Security Committee, Ivo Šrámek, believes that in the last conflict in Gaza, it was Hamas which started hostilities. And whether a war crimes investigation is useful. It is also on the crimes of Hamas. As for arms trafficking, the diplomat implicitly assassinates Sarkozy's initiative to send a frigate to the Mediterranean.

Ivo Šrámek spoke to the deputies of the defense subcommittee. Classic exercise to present the work of the next presidency. But the dialogue with the deputies is always interesting, and sometimes tasty.Hamas started it. "Everything was started by Hamas, which did not want to renew the ceasefire. It was Hamas that began to touch Israeli territory. The neutralization of Hamas is important. Relaunching the peace process is too. The Palestinians have legitimate security concerns. But this must be settled within the framework of the peace process and Annapolis. We know that Hamas has largely mortgaged the peace process. We must start the pacification effort again in concert with the American administration.” This clear statement confirms the characterization by a spokesperson for the Czech Prime Minister of the Israeli action as “defensive“. Which was not a misstep but simply the application of the doctrine of the Czech government
on the conflict in the Middle East (or at least part of the government = the Prime Minister, and part of Czech diplomacy).A War Crimes Investigation, Hamas

also. “We support the investigation and the UN Secretary-General's call for an investigation. We hope that the investigations will be conducted properly. The biggest problem is Hamas and war crimes investigations
of Hamas.”

Fight against arms trafficking: the Sarkozy initiative = useless! The diplomat is very diplomatic. And he doesn't even mention the name of the French president who decided to send a frigate in Mediterranean. But here too it is quite transparent. “All analyzes show – he explains – that the weapons pass through the Red Sea, via Sinai. So, when we talk about the maritime component, it is rather the maritime component in the Red Sea that we are thinking about (NB: it is the United States which is at work on this side). The Mediterranean is already covered by Israeli forces. And they make sure nothing happens. 

Traffic will continue as long as crossing points are closed. The ambassador wants to be practical: “As long as there are no crossing points (open), there will be traffic. What we intend to do is provide the Egyptians with technology, seismic, to detect the tunnels. And this is an important component for Israelis if we want a lasting ceasefire. Hamas must not be able to rearm.”


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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  • starshiy

    Useless frigate? Not for everybody
    Article of the Point of January 30
    start of quote
    On the other hand, Palestinians are delighted with the arrival of the French frigate from southern Lebanon to observe the coast of Gaza and report any boat likely to land weapons there: these are the fishermen. In recent years, fishing has become a high-risk occupation. In the morning, when they left the small port of Gaza City, Palestinian fishermen were regularly bombarded by the Israeli navy long before leaving Palestinian territorial waters. Many of them gave up fishing, which had become too dangerous, and the fish could not be found in Gaza. He returned to restaurants. The arrival of the French frigate on January 23 had the immediate effect of stopping the firing. Not that it is within the remit of this building to control Israeli fire, but no one can prevent the sailors from hearing it and possibly reporting it.
    End of quote
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