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The neck. Alain Faugeras (Fr) appointed head of EUBAM Rafah

(B2) French Colonel Alain Faugeras should soon be appointed head of the civilian border surveillance mission Eubam Rafah. The appointment should be approved on November 5 at the COPS (the political and security committee). He will replace the Italian general Pietro Pistolese from November 25. Confirmation has yet to be obtained from the parties on the spot (Israel, Palestine).

Multiple experiences in the gendarmerie. Alain Faugeras has been – since 2005 – “gendarmerie” advisor and head of the “civil crisis management” section at the French Permanent Representation (PR) to the EU in Brussels. After two years of preparatory classes in Saint-Cyr, at the military college of Autun, in 1975, and a period as a reserve officer in the airborne troops, the Train's arm, Alain Faugeras moved completely into the gendarmerie. After the national gendarmerie school in Melun (1979), he took successive commands of a section in the 1st RI of the Republican Guard (1981), then of a motorized platoon from Versailles (1984, and of the company of Saint -Pierre – Reunion Island (1988) In 1991, he was a staff officer at the Air Transport Gendarmerie Command (1991), serving on the Joint Operational Planning Staff in Creil. the mobile gendarmerie group of Aubervilliers (1998), then that of the departmental gendarmerie of Ajaccio – Southern Corsica (2000).

He participated in several external operations – in these different functions: in former Yugoslavia (under IFOR – SFOR) and in Albania (operation Alba); before being seconded to Brussels to the RP.

The Eubam mission. Established following agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the “Eubam Rafah” mission to monitor the Rafah crossing point very quickly underwent political change after Hamas' victory in the elections in January 2006 and the boycott. of Gaza by Israel, the United States and the European Union. Between June 2006 and June 2007, the crossing point – normally closed – was opened on several exceptional occasions. Which allowed 165 to transit. Since June 000, the mission has been suspended until further notice. Until recently it still had 2007 people. It will only have around fifteen from now on. Despite the complete blockage, and the forced technical unemployment of the mission, the EU nevertheless persists in keeping the mission operational (…doing nothing). A question of principle, the High Representative assures us. We never know. The EU is “ready to redeploy its personnel to the Rafah crossing point, as soon as conditions permit” is the official leitmotif.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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