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Head of the ESDP mission in Kosovo: Yves de Kermabon

General de Kermabon (black beret) in discussion with a Serbian Kosovar (Kfor/Thw)

(B2) Aged 58, Frenchman Yves de Kermabon, a graduate of Saint-Cyr (the French school for senior officers), comes from the armored cavalry army and has the rank of general of the army corps. He took part in numerous overseas missions: “Taucaud” in Chad (1978 and 1979), “Barracuda” in the Central African Republic (1981), Cambodia (1992).


He intervened in the Balkans, first as UNPROFOR (deputy general commanding the Sarajevo sector, January-May 1995), then as IFOR (chief of staff of the South-East Multinational Division, December 1995-May 1996), and in Kosovo (commander of the Multinational Brigade North in Mitrovica, May-September 2002, then deputy to the General commanding KFOR in Pristina at Kfor, March-September 2003, and finally head of the multinational force of KFOR stationed in Kosovo, Sept 2004-Sept 2005).

Until now, he was commander of the Headquarters of the Rapid Reaction Corps – France, located in Lille.

(published in Europolitics September 2007)

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