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First anti-IED engineering course for the Somali army in Mogadishu

(B2) 24 soldiers from 32e engineer battalion of the Somali National Army have just completed training, particularly focused on demining and disarming improvised explosive devices. IEDs are a real plague in Somalia. And one of the leading causes of death for the Somali army, as for civilians...

Four weeks for basic learning

Lasting four weeks, this course took place in the general training camp of Dhagabadan in Mogadishu and ended on February 17 with the awarding of diplomas. The Somalis thus learned the basics of setting up defensive positions, constructing obstacles for tactical maneuvers, understanding improvised explosive devices (EID) and procedures to counter EID says the EUTM Somalia mission. This is the first military engineering course of the European Union training mission in Somalia. But not the last...

Soon a second engineering course?

The officers of the Somali National Army and Europeans, present during the small graduation ceremony, underlined the importance of this training as well as the motivation of the soldiers. The Somalis seem particularly pleased with the training, as they have asked to see a second engineering course organized. A demand " currently evaluated “, we specify to EUTM (2).

More specialized training than at the beginning

This type of course is symptomatic of the evolution of the European mission, of which this is the 5th mandate since the start of the mission in 2010. It is no longer a question of training troops and training companies, but of bring sharp skills, specialized on certain points to the Somali forces (IED, support, command and control, etc.)

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(1) Were present: on the Somali side, the head of the engineering department, General Omar Jama, the head of the General Dhagabadan (GTC) training camp, General Mohamed Mohamud Saney, and the head of the 32nd engineering battalion, Colonel Ahmed Shire Warsame; and on the European side, the Deputy Head of EUTM Somalia, Swedish Colonel Richard Gray.

(2) The mission is currently facing difficulty in renewing certain staff. Read : Serial withdrawals at EUTM Somalia

Photo credit: EUTM Somalia, IED defusal exercise

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