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The indictment of Eva Joly against Jean-Claude Juncker

TheLoupInLaBergerie@EvaJoly1604(BRUSSELS2) “ Europeans love Europe but they do not like what it has become. » Eva Joly, the French MEP and former candidate for Europe Ecologie Les Verts in the 2012 presidential elections, joined forces with journalist Guillemette Faure to denounce  "the dark side of [those]  institution » and  “backroom discussions of its members”. She speaks of a "treason of the clerics", of which Jean-Claude Juncker is the perfect incarnation. It is also the betrayal of European leaders, incapable of avoiding the disintegration of the European Union, betraying the hopes of several generations. And " if Europe had brought the wolf into the fold? » asks the ex-magistrate.

Juncker, the incarnation of tax haven cynicism

Eva Joly notably accuses the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg (1995-2013) – of whom she paints an unvarnished portrait – of embodying “ the cynicism of tax havens ". " In a few decades, Luxembourg has become the richest country in the world per capita. Juncker marketed Luxembourg sovereignty to attract multinationals by getting them deals in which the tax rate is extremely low. " He has « distorted the European project for the benefit of his country, by promoting the most serious practices of liberalism".

Mister nobody become indispensable 

Once he landed in Brussels, Jean-Claude Juncker did not do much better, denounces the environmentalist MP. However, he had various opportunities. From 1991, it became essential. “ He is already one of the great architects of the Maastricht Treaty, of which he wrote several pages, notably on Economic and Monetary Union.. » In 1996, the only one to speak French and German, he established himself as the intermediary, the “chaperone” of the Franco-German couple formed by Jacques Chirac and Helmut Kohl. “ Thirty years he has been walking the corridors of Brussels, more than a hundred European summits behind him, he knows everyone. » Yet, for public opinion, “ he is mister nobody Judge Eva Joly. His conclusion is final. Sort of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, "he claims to be Delors but, unlike Delors, he is a man whoput up with European impotence, a lazy king. »

A European project at a standstill

The MEP denounces the atony of the European project and the « creeping commercialization of the sovereignty of democracies. (…) With their lies and public omissions, European leaders have added a denial of democracy ». The European project is at a standstill, because it is threatened by the backroom discussions of its member states. Each subject is the subject of bargaining. National selfishness threatens the entire common home. The political agenda is dictated by crises and scandals. Commitments are forgotten as quickly as media attention fades. »

Moscovici at minimum service against tax evasion

Eva Joly does not limit herself to sketching the portrait of the President of the Commission. Other figures from the European sphere are also taking action, notably Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs. The Frenchman only made a “ minimum service to fight against tax evasion, denounces the MP. The conditions of his appointment are also questionable. " When François Hollande did not want Moscovici in charge of France's finances, he felt that he could take charge of those of Europe. France sends a dilettante. »

Merkel doesn't want a reformer

Angela Merkel also takes it for her rank. " The Chancellor could not put up with a reforming Frenchman, even from the right. Ms Merkel and European leaders have therefore opted for a non-threatening man” which symbolises “an unprecedented moral crisis” and comes from a country that would only be "the laboratory of political impotence where the exercise of sovereignty is left to the care of a financial hyper-class". Another German is also pinned. German MEP Elmar Brok, whom she blames for having had the idea of ​​“ draft Juncker to be the Tory's top slate ».

Food for thought

Beyond people, the MEP wants above all to open up avenues of reflection to renovate the  "Dream" European and pleads for a new balance of power within the Union. “It’s not really about him (Jean-Claude Juncker) but about us, about the Europe we want. (...) It is not to bequeath to our children the caricature of financial globalization that I have committed myself. " she confides (*) " This book puts things into perspective. The aim is to create a discussion to identify the problem of the European Union. »

(Leonor Hubaut)

« The Wolf in the Sheepfold », Eva Joly, with Guillemette Faure, Les Arènes edition, 160 pages, 15 euros.

(*) B2 met the MEP in Strasbourg, notably during the presentation of her book at the Kléber Bookstore, in Strasbourg, at the beginning of June

Leonor Hubaut

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