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(BRUSSELS2) B2 has just been recognized as an “information and general political” media, approval given by the CPPAP, the joint commission of publications and press agencies, to media which respect certain conditions. This “label” – little known outside France – is important for us in symbolic terms as well as recognition that a media that is only “on line” can also be a “useful” information tool. Thank you to all those who supported and guided this process – particularly within SPIIL (the online press union) – which was not easy.

This approval will allow us todeepen and develop our information, it encourages us to exercise our information profession even more: explaining, deciphering certain complex situations or decisions, pointing out where it doesn't work, but also emphasizing what produces results, assuming certain editorial positions, even if it means wanting us to the ire of one and the other (who, generally, recognize that we were not wrong...), which sometimes supposes going against the tide of certain current trends so as not to forget certain areas which are not not the news. This is our motto: always inform, disturb if necessary, make people think often…

B2 is moving forward today on two legs. On the one hand, a public section (the blog), whose reputation is well established, which has more general content, on what political Europe is today, its institutions, projects and... its emotions. On the other hand, a more professional section (the club), available by subscription, where we decipher in more depth certain policies in particular - foreign policy, peace and security, defense industries -. One makes it possible to ensure and consolidate the development of the other, or even to develop new “services”. As the quezako  (included in the subscription or accessible separately), an online encyclopedia on the CFSP/PSDC, enriched and supplemented regularly. In total, we now easily exceed 8000 articles in our archives.

The first returns encourage us. We do not have a very developed (very aggressive) commercial approach, no advertising, no sponsor. This allows us to maintain our independence. But word of mouth works, our first readers are loyal to us and others are joining us, not only at the heart of the European system (Commission, Council, Parliament) but also at the level of international organizations, ministries, diplomatic representations (and not least); universities, think tanks, businesses, journalists, individuals who seek to better understand what this common foreign and security policy could be tomorrow.

The fact of being in French – in an increasingly English-speaking world – is certainly sometimes seen as a handicap to our development. For us, this is an advantage. And we will continue to defend an approach which, beyond language, also reflects a difference in conception, in political thought which is not entirely innocent in matters of foreign policy. Which does not prevent us from looking carefully at what is happening beyond French borders. It's quite the opposite. We read, with pleasure, and transcribe in the language of Molière what is said or is happening in London as in Berlin, in Warsaw as in Prague, Rome, Madrid or Athens.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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Nicolas Gros Verheyde

Chief editor of the B2 site. Graduated in European law from the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne and listener to the 65th session of the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale. Journalist since 1989, founded B2 - Bruxelles2 in 2008. EU/NATO correspondent in Brussels for Sud-Ouest (previously West-France and France-Soir).

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