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Nearly 800 migrants rescued off Libya

The Libra at sea (credit: Italian Navy)
The Libra at sea (credit: Italian Navy)

(B2) Several hundred migrants continue to be rescued off the coast of Libya, according to the Italian navy, which reports the rescue of nearly 800 people on Thursday (January 8) alone.

In the afternoon, the ship of the French group Bourbon, the Argos Bourbon, which flies the Luxembourg flag but is part of the Ukrainian subsidiary of the group intended for offshore exploitation, thus successively recovered 84 and 79 migrants approximately 50 miles from the Libyan coast.

The 163 migrants were transferred overnight from Thursday to Friday to the Italian patrol vessel Pound (P-402) came to the rescue, called for " un a boat in trouble à a few dozen miles in the north of the Libyan coast ». A ship which is part of the European sea rescue system “Triton”, coordinated by the Frontex agency.

Other rescue operations were subsequently carried out by tugboats and Italian naval vessels. La frigate Mistral thus recovered, in the same night, two people boats safety à 105 miles South of Lampedusa with many immigrants on board the 210 immigrants, including 11 women, were then transshipped to the Libra. The ship, carrying 373 migrants (163 from Bourbon + 210 from Mastrale), repatriated them ashore, in Italy.

The day was not yet over when, at a few dozen miles in the north of the coast of Libya, two tugs (The ACE 24 et le Strong) et a merchant ship (Octopus) came to the rescue de 263 people for one, 70 for the second and 77 for the third, i.e. 410 migrants in total.


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