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Egypt. This is not a coup!

Michael Mann in front of reporters this morning (Credits: Ebs/screenshot)
The spokesperson for the High Representative, Michael Mann, in front of journalists this lunchtime (Credit: European Commission – Ebs / B2)

(BRUSSELS2) Like the “ Ceci n'est pas une pipe " by Magritte, the European Union persists in not naming the takeover of power by the military in Egypt " a coup ".

Since the “deposition” of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday July 3, both High Representative Catherine Ashton and member states have refused to qualify the army's coup.

End of not receiving

At the Commission's daily briefing, several journalists tried to find out whether or not what happened in Egypt was a coup according to the EU. A real game of cat and mouse. The spokesperson for the High Representative Michael Mann did not have an easy role. He therefore preferred to kick in, indicating that he did not wish to enter “ in philosophical considerations. I prefer to answer concrete questions”. He simply recalled the declaration published yesterday evening (Monday July 8) in the name of the High Representative, which “ calls on all those with responsibilities to act as quickly as possible so that the process takes place”. Off the record… European diplomats say no better and do not want to enter into this debate. (To be continued on the club as well as the detailed and underlying explanations of the European position).

Comments : Beyond a simple semantic debate, this raises real diplomatic questions, namely the EU's position vis-à-vis the deposition of civilian power by the military. Not taking a position avoids creating a precedent which could prove embarrassing in other cases.

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Thomas LeBihan

Student in "Public Affairs European Governance course" at Paris I. Intern at B2. Follows the news of the European Parliament.