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Latest piracy news (December 2, 2012). Another 136 sailors detained by pirates...

(BRUSSELS2) 5 ships and nearly 136 sailors are still detained by Somali pirates, according to the latest assessment carried out by the European anti-piracy forces on November 30 (Eunavfor Atalanta) and updated by B2.

Release of 4 South Korean sailors

After 582 days of detention, the 4 South Korean sailors from the MT Gemini still held by the pirates were released by the pirates on Saturday (December 1) in the morning. This tanker belonging to a Singapore firm was captured on April 30, 2011 180 miles east of Malindi (Kenya). A ransom would have been paid. The hostages were recovered near the coast of Somalia by a Korean navy destroyer from the Cheonghae Unit, the Korean anti-piracy force under the command of CTF-151. And they are on their way to the port of Mombasa in Kenya where they should arrive on Monday, specifies the Korean Times. The ship and 21 sailors (Indonesians, Chinese and Burmese) were released a year ago, in December 2011, after a ransom payment agreement. But the pirates had kept the Koreans captive, believing that the price paid was not enough.

End of mission for Floréal

The French frigate Floreal returns to its home port in Réunion, Port de Galet. She left the EU operation (Eunavfor Atalanta) on Sunday (December 2) after a month and a half of involvement in the fight against piracy. It is replaced by the stealthy light frigate Surcouf (with a British helicopter on board). Read also: A British helicopter engaged in Operation Atalanta on Surcouf

Mandatory Citadel

The South Korean government has made it mandatory to set up a “citadel” on board merchant ships passing through risky areas, intended to protect sailors from possible pirate attacks. The law was revised and passed on November 22.

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