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Soon new EU special representatives (update)

(BRUSSELS2) Some time ago, we wrote “race in danger of extinction or renewal”, today, we can undoubtedly lean towards this second path. Two special representatives are in the process of being renewed and two other positions created.

Two renewals and one confirmation

According to consistent information, the 27 ambassadors of the Political and Security Committee (PSC) appear to have agreed on the renewal and new mandate of the special representatives in the South Caucasus and the Middle East on the peace process. Member States were requested to provide nominations. The post on the peace process represents a strategic interest that there is no need to detail. While the special representative to the South Caucasus should also be responsible for monitoring the peace negotiations in Georgia. Until now, it was the special representative in Central Asia, the Frenchman Pierre Morel, who carried out this function.

The current ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Peter Sorensen, should also receive the dual role of special representative shortly.

Two new positions: South Mediterranean and Horn of Africa

Two other special representatives are in the process of being recruited for new positions. The mandate for a special representative in the South Mediterranean, covering from the Maghreb to the Arabian Peninsula, in other words a “Arab revolutions” gentleman/madam, is currently being discussed among the ambassadors and should quickly – at least we hope – be approved. * « There is currently no agreement yet at COPS – explained a senior European diplomat on Friday. But in order to speed up, the High Representative also asked Member States to submit applications. »

As for the mandate of special representative for the Horn of Africa – which is the oldest of the future RS – it must still be approved by the High Representative before being presented to the Member States.

A new use or a reorganization

The High Representative has – it seems – rediscovered the usefulness of a function which can be of variable modularity, between the traveling super-ambassador and the miss dominici discreet, between diplomacy and politics, having a direct link with both the High Representative and the Member States. Even if those around him deny any disinterest. Lady Ashton has always found this function essential and useful » assured me one of his relatives. But what " The worrying thing about the functioning of the special representatives (Nb: old way) was that they lived in orbit, autonomously, did what they wanted. It took a bit of a turnaround. » We could say: it's done...

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(*) Updated Friday morning

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