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Seychellois coast guards' flash action to recover a fishing vessel (Maj)

(BRUSSELS2) The Tazar special anti-piracy unit and the Seychellois coast guard carried out forceful action this morning (April 20) to recapture a fishing vessel, the FV Gloria, captured by Somali pirates yesterday. Successful action. But at the cost of 4 injuries.

The Seychelles Coast Guard received a distress call yesterday (Tuesday April 19) from an unknown fishing vessel, later identified as the “Gloria”, a local fishing vessel. Indian reconnaissance aircraft Dornier, coast guard ships Andromache et The arrow thus a rapid intervention boat, with Tazar personnel, went to the site. The vessel was located 150 nautical miles northeast of Mahé (the main island of the Seychelles). “ A stealthy approach to the captured boat was made in the evening, while tracking the vessel on radar ”, according to the story given by the Seychellois authorities. “ Several radio calls ordered the Gloria to stop. But no response was received. At dawn this morning, the coast guards and the Tazar then launched the assault ».

The 4 Seychellois fishermen were recovered and seven Somali pirates were captured. But the assault left 4 injured: a fisherman, Bernard R., as well as three suspected Somali pirates. They were immediately transferred for medical treatment to Mahé hospital. The fishermen and the rest of the captured suspected pirates are expected to arrive on Thursday (tomorrow) in Mahé, the presidency said.

(maj) One of the pirates died during his transfer, we learned on Wednesday afternoon.

NB: we can note that the Dutch frigate From Tromp which is participating in NATO's Operation Ocean Shield, has taken a break in recent days in the Seychelles. No additional information on possible involvement of the Dutch military in this action.

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