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“The Capital”! seat of the future EU diplomatic service

This time it seems done. And the last “rumor” seems the most serious. It will therefore not be at Charlemagne (that the Commission did not want to abandon it), nor Lex (which the Council also did not want to abandon), but in “Capital” (I'm not making this up!) that Cathy Ashton, the High Representative, and the EU diplomatic service are going to settle down. It seems certain that the name of the headquarters could however change…

The Red Baroness has found where to plant her blue flag

This brand new building, of 45.000 m2, is ideally located. Located at the top of rue de Loi (at 236), it has two other entrances: rue de la Joyeuse entrance and rue Cortenbergh (five steps from the current EU General Staff and the EU military committee ). Useful for evening missi dominici. Solemn, it has an interior courtyard and a large gate overlooking the Rond-Point Schuman. Excellent for receiving distinguished guests. Relaxing, it is located on the edge of the Parc du Cinquantenaire (where Gaddafi used to pitch his tent when he passed through Brussels), which also houses the Great Mosque of Brussels. Additionally, it's an ideal place to go eat your lunch sandwich or go for a workout jog, or have a discreet chat. Finally, an important detail: the building overlooks the Liège and Germany motorway ramp which provides quick access to the airport. Watch in hand, in 6 minutes max, you are at the airport, parked in front of the boarding terminal. Practical !

Owned by Axa, it was until now empty, apart from a few stores (Exki, hairdresser and a restaurant to open...). The negotiation took a little long because we had to wait for the adoption by the European Parliament of the various texts. And, in addition to the price (275 euros m2 / year displayed price, the price obtained was lower), there were some minor security problems to resolve. In particular the presence of stores on the ground floor of the building could pose problems. They could be deported.

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