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Pirates scour the area. French tuna boats on alert. 6 pirates recovered (upd5)

Image-17.png(BRUSSELS2) Several French tuna boats were involved, this Friday, in the Indian Ocean, in a fight between pirates in search of prey after the failure on the Spanish fishing boat and on the national navy oceanographic vessel.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Talenduic was allegedly attacked by 2 pirate skiffs and a mother ship, while blocked by its nets. THE TOrre Giulia (*) and the Trevignon would have come to their aid. According to Atalanta HQ, this is the Julia Tower who was attacked and the Trevignon and Talenduic would have come to his aid. Regardless, the embarked teams fired warning shots to ward off the pirates. And the ships carried out the usual maneuvers.

TeamsProtectEmbarq-Eunavfor1003.JPGDuring the maneuver, a tuna boat hit the pirates' mother ship which sank; one of the pirate skiffs also capsized on a wave, undoubtedly created by one of the tuna boats (the “code” of “good practices” in the fight against piracy recommends, in fact, creating waves in order to keep the pirate boats away) . Of the six people on board, 4 were immediately recovered by French fishermen, but two had disappeared. Finally, they were able to be spotted by an Atalanta maritime patrol plane (the Spanish P3 Orion) and recovered by the Julia Tower. They are under the guard of on-board protection teams, the Army General Staff is told. As there is flagrante delicto, these pirates could be handed over to the Seychellois authorities where the boats are based. THE Julia Tower is thus heading towards the Seychelles according to my colleagues from Ouest-France in Concarneau who contacted one of the fishing bosses by telephone.

The six apprehended are therefore added to the 22 other pirates apprehended by the Nivose, information confirmed by Atalanta HQ. This is the first time, to my knowledge, that “civilian” tuna boats and French on-board protection teams “arrest” pirates. In all, three pirate groups were neutralized during the day on Friday.

All these attacks are located in the same area, in the southern part of the Somali basin, between Seychelles and Kenya, approximately 3-4° South and 45-46° East. Several EU military resources are already mobilized in the area: 2 maritime patrol planes, one from the Seychelles (1 Merlin III from Luxembourg), the other from Djibouti (1 P3 Orion). And at least two ships: a French frigate, the Nivose, which was a little further west, and the Italian flagship Etna, who took charge of escorting the attacked Spanish ships to the Seychelles.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

(*) Italian ship originally, based in the Seychelles, but now sailing under the blue-white-red tricolor flag to benefit from French EPE.

(1st info: Friday 16 p.m., update: Saturday 8 a.m., Saturday 19 p.m., Sunday 13 p.m. and Monday 18 p.m.) - photo credit: Spanish Navy, European Union)

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