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EUBAM Moldova-Ukraine opens a new office in Chisinau

(B2) The EU Border Assistance Mission of Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) has just opened a liaison office in Chisinau (Moldova). The objective is to strengthen Moldova's border and customs service (which really needs it), and to increase border security as well as facilitate the movement of people and goods between the two countries. This office, which is located only a few kilometers from the Transnistrian border, will also have the mission of providing “technical assistance” to the international community in an attempt to resolve the issue of Transnistria. If the need arose, it could quickly transform into an “observer” mission (we're not there yet…).

This office is part of what is called “phase 7” of EUBAM which includes three new structures including an operational and analytical support unit and a capacity building unit. It will be specifically based in two locations at the headquarters of the Moldovan Border Guard Service and at the headquarters of the Customs Service. It will be composed of 2 EU experts and three national agents.

The EUBAM mission was established in 2005 to help combat trafficking of all kinds generated by the “black hole” of Transnistria, a secessionist province of Moldova, recognized by no state in the world, but protected by “peace forces” Russians.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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