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The African Union invites the EU to train Somali soldiers

(BRUSSELS2) This is a letter of a few paragraphs, sent by the Commission of the African Union (AU) to the Swedish ambassador stationed in Nairobi, who represents the European Union. The letter may seem very innocuous. But it is the necessary prerequisite for the establishment of the EU military operation. The AU thus confirms the interest of the African Union in seeing the development of the EU mission to train Somali soldiers.

It is, in fact, one of AMISOM's major tasks to assist in the establishment of a stabilization and national security plan in Somalia. AMISOM has already trained troops, with France and Djibouti – the letter recalls – by providing a military barracks with the necessary support in terms of food, social services and training. This type of service should be provided to future recruits.”with the aim of ensuring their livelihood and avoiding losing them to militia clans and extremists".

A framework agreement. The African Union therefore proposes to have a framework agreement between the two institutions “to define the roles and responsibilities of each entity, during and after training“. A team could thus be set up to develop a draft agreement, taking into consideration European planning.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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