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First pirate killed by the Eunavfor Atalanta operation

(BRUSSELS2) This is the first death as a direct result of the action of the European anti-piracy operation Eunavfor Atalanta. At least according to the first known elements.

According to the official version, around 6:40 a.m. (local), the Brandenburg helicopter (F-215), spots a suspicious skiff with weapons and ladders on board. Despite an order to stop the skiff, then taken over by an interpreter, it gained speed. The commander of Operation Atalanta gives permission to fire, according to the Germans. Warning shots are fired. The skiff stops. And a visiting team on board an inflatable boat approaches the skiff, only to discover that one of the suspects was seriously injured during the incident. “ Despite the care received on board the Brandenbourg, his death was confirmed. by the ship's doctor. The other 4 men and the boat were seized by the navy. But not the weapons. The suspects meanwhile threw their weapons and the boarding ladder overboard (a common maneuver by “pirates” before being caught).  

Comment: it's a bit of a black streak for the German armed forces engaged in international operations. See the action of American planes, at the request of the German command, in Afghanistan in the NATO operation (FIAS) on two tanker trucks which caused, at least, fifty deaths and around fifteen wounded (including several civilians). At least, it can no longer be said that German forces are not engaged at the front...

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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