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  • [Ticker] Controversial commission portfolio name changed • The controversial name of the commission portfolio "protecting our European way of life" (previously "migration") will be changed to "promoting our European way of life", the Socialist and Democrats group in the European parliament said. Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen also agreed on... read more
  • [Feature] Mustard gas and cod: Last chance to halt Nord Stream 2? • Deadline shortly to expire for appeals against a Danish permit for Russia to drop concrete and steel in a Baltic Sea zone likely to contain old chemical more
  • [Podcast] Cultural Battlefield • Marta Keil knows firsthand the pressure on culture from Poland's ruling Law and Justice party. Her overview begins at the Polski theatre in the city of Wrocław, and describes an epic clash as the Polish museum sector is steadily more
  • [Feature] Nationalists as much as threat to EU arts as resources • European Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen had broken with recent practice by not creating a commissionership with culture in its job more
  • [Ticker] Catalan party to support new Spanish coalition • Spanish pro-independence party the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) announced on Tuesday that it will help socialist caretaker prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, to unblock the deadlock if negotiations about the Catalan issue start. The Socialist PSOE and the leftist party Unidas Podemos agreed... read more
  • [Ticker] Russia jails six Crimean Tatar activists for terrorism • A Russian court has sentenced six Crimean Tatar activists to jail terms between seven and 19 years on charges of organising terrorist activities and plotting a violent overthrow of the Russian government, the Moscow Times reports. "This decision brings to a close what can only be described as a sham... read more
  • [Ticker] Venice flooded with highest tide in 53 years • The Italian city of Venice is being hit by flooding as high waters peaked up to 1.87 meters. Since records began in 1923 the water crept higher only once, in 1966. Venice's mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, said he would declare a state of emergency, blaming climate change for the flood. One 78-year old citize... read more



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  • Boeing Shares Jump with Update on 737 Max

    Shares in Boeing  jumped by 5% with the news that the company’s 737 Max aircraft is moving closer to a return to commercial service. Boeing has said that it ‘could’ begin delivery of the aircraft to customers in December. Two fatal air crashes involving the 737 Max resulted in the aircraft bei... read more

  • Ireland marks Equal Pay Day

    November sees countries across Europe mark Equal Pay Day – a symbolic marking of the day that women effectively stop getting paid, relative to men, due to the gender pay gap. Ireland marks the day on November 11th, where latest figures on the gender pay gap show a 13.9% gap. It sits slightly below the [&hellip... read more

  • Slower Ship Speeds Found to Benefit Environment and Human Health

    A new joint report from two Brussels based environmental NGOs has found that slower ship speeds would massively reduce the damage shipping is causing to human health, nature and the climate. Seas at Risk and Transport & Environment have published the report ahead of the start of the latest round of UN ship clima... read more


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