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We have always made a point of maintaining free access to certain articles, specially designed to be accessible to a wide audience.B2 new logo.

News from the field

News from the field. European peacekeeping missions (PSDC) are present on four continents (Europe, Asia and Central Asia, Middle East and Africa). See section news page

Reports. B2, makes it a point of honor to think outside the box and regularly goes into the field, mainly on European operations or missions or even in crisis centres. See all reports

Mind-blowing analyzes

Our analyzes. Some questions deserve more depth, a reading of the facts with hindsight, arguments for reflection, alternative proposals. See it analysis section

Points of view

Turnkey editorials. “Gullets”, “chin blows”, “smiles”, even “congratulations”. Nothing is forbidden under our pen. With a will, avoid any negativity or pessimism. See it editorial section

white cards. Excellent specialists in strategic and European issues come to speak in our columns. Points of view that must be direct to be interesting. Don't hesitate to contact us contact us to submit your projects to us. See it carte blanche section

Your comments on items. They are published when they bring an interesting point of view, even divergent.

All this with seriousness of course, but also a touch of irony...
Because Europe is well worth a defense