*In Memoriam. Diplomats and soldiers who died on mission for Europe


(B2) According to B2's balance sheet, 78 people died and 42 have been injured in the context of a European Union peacekeeping or stabilization mission, or a diplomatic mission, since the start of European foreign policy in the former Yugoslavia in 1991.

Wednesday January 12 2022EUNAVFOR AtalantaSpanish (military)1InjuryA wounded soldier aboard the Victoria evacuated by helicopter to Djibouti
Friday October 29 2021EUFOR Althea Bosnia and HerzegovinaBulgarian (military)1Firearm. Cause unknown (suicide?)At 8:20 a.m., the soldier was found dead, "with a bullet wound", in the Butmir camp, in Sarajevo. The medical team who arrived on the spot could only confirm the death. A military police investigation is ongoing. Details
September 14th, 2021EUTM MaliMilitary Spaniards03Road accidentA mission vehicle collided with a 10-ton truck in the circle of Katl. Read : Three Spanish EUTM soldiers injured
Sunday, March 21 2021EUCAP SomaliaFinnish (civilian)13DiseaseOn secondment from the Crisis Management Center (CMC) Finland, he died in Nairobi hospital on 21 March. He had contracted the COVID-19 virus while serving in Somalia, the EU mission said.
Monday September 30 2019EUTM Somalia3 Italians3IED attackThree soldiers were injured when their vehicle was attacked by a vehicle filled with explosives in Mogadishu. Read :
Three Italian soldiers from EUTM Somalia injured in a bomb attack (v2)
Friday May 18 2018EUTM MaliSpanish (military)12Road accidentLoss of control 40 km south of Sévaré
Wednesday February 14 2018EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovinaslovaque1DiseasePeter Pavlovský, a 42-year-old major from Zamarovce (Trenčín) saw his health suddenly deteriorate. After first aid at the Butmir camp (Sarajevo), he was transported to the hospital where he died" indicates the ministry Slovak defense.
Sunday June 18 2017EUTM Mali EU Delegation to Mali1 Portuguese + 1 Malian (dead) + 1 Swedish officer (wounded)21Terrorist attackWhile the EU employees are resting in a hotel complex, the Camp, two terrorist teams, armed, on motorcycles and in cars, appear and fire. Among the victims: Portuguese Staff Sergeant Gil Fernando Paiva Benido, and a Malian woman, Malado Sidibé, assistant to the head of the political section of the EU delegation in Bamako. Read : Terrorist attack on Le Campement hotel near Bamako. Deaths among Europeans.
Tuesday March 7 2017EUTM RCA1 French soldier (1st artillery regiment)1Illness (malaria)After his return to France on February 11, Anthony Rémy dies of a serious form of malaria contracted in the Central African Republic. Read : A soldier who returned from EUTM RCA dies… of malaria
Sunday 17 May 2015EUPOL Afghanistan1 British, security guard + 2 injured12Attack – car bombLire: Attack in Kabul. A member of the EUPOL Afghanistan mission killed (V2)
Tuesday May 12th 2015EULEX Kosovo1 injured (medic)1AccidentEmergency landing of the Medevac helicopter (private) on a training flight at Pristina airport: Accident of a EULEX Kosovo helicopter at Pristina airport. 1 injured
Friday March 6 2015EU Delegation Mali1 Belgian (security guard)1Assault – machine gunTerrorist attack carried out in a restaurant in Bamako: Attack in Bamako, several European victims
Wednesday November 5 2014EUFOR CAR1 French1Illness (malaria)Master Corporal Heiarii Nelson Temata Moana of the
126th infantry regiment (126th RI) suffering from a serious attack of malaria. Repatriated to France, he died at the Beguin hospital in the Paris region.
Wednesday October 15 2014EUFOR CAR1 injured (Spanish)01Grenade shootingClashes with “armed bands”. 1 grenade thrown. European forces retaliate. At least 5 dead in the ranks of the attackers. Read : In Bangui. A game-changing incident?
Wednesday August 20 2014EUFOR CAR5 injured (including one seriously) + 4 "stunned" by a grenade shot05Grenade shootingClashes with demonstrators. Grenade and rifle fire. The Sangaris operation counts 3 wounded, including 1 seriously. That is 12 injured in total. Details
Monday July 7 2014EUFOR CAR3 wounded (French)03Grenade shootingClashes with demonstrators – a hand grenade explodes – 3 slightly injured, including one in the hand.
Saturday 24 May 2014EUCAP Nestor / EUNAVFOR Atalanta12 injured (3 Spaniards, 6 Dutch, 3 Germans) including 2 seriously012Attack – grenadeTerrorist attack (Shebab?) in a restaurant in Djibouti frequented by expatriates. 3 dead (including 1 Turk and 2 Kamikazes) and several European wounded. Details
Mon May 5, 2014EU Delegation Yemen1 French + 2 wounded (French and Yemenite) (private security guards + driver)12Attack – shootingAutomatic weapon fired at the vehicle in which the 2 officers and their driver were
Fri, January 17, 2014EUPOL Afghanistan1 Danish (reporting officer) + 1 British (private security guard)2attemptTaliban attack (kamikaze and shooting) in a restaurant in Kabul very frequented by expatriates – many killed and injured. Among the dead, the Danish Mette Nielsen. details,
Sun, October 27, 2013EUPOL Copps1 Lithuanian1AccidentRoad accident in the West Bank. details,
Thu 19 Sep 2013 (morning)EULEX Kosovo1 Lithuanian (contractual customs) + 1 Czech (wounded)11Shooting (killing)Shots (deliberate) against two Eulex cars traveling between Gate 1 and Mitrovica (relief). 1 agent killed in the head + 1 injured (Czech). details,
Tue 12 March 2013EU Delegation Syria1 Syrian1Conflict. rocket fireHit by rocket fire in the district of Damascus where he lived. Employed in the political service, Ahmad Shihadeh was killed during a rocket attack in the district of Deraya, where he lived. details,
Sun, April 15, 2012EUSEC DR Congo1 French1DiseaseCap. Jean-Luc Guérard (France), died in Goma of a heart attack.
Friday April 22 2011EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 Briton injured01Road accidentNear Gornji Vakuf. James Gordon Glierson, who is riding a motorcycle, is seriously injured after hitting a freight truck. Read :Eufortian seriously injured in road accident in Bosnia
Fri, April 16, 2010EUCO Haiti / Spain4 Spaniards (military)4Accidenthelicopter crash
Tuesday January 12 2010EU Delegation Haiti1 Spaniard (civilian) + 2 Haitians (local agents)3Natural disasterDiplomat (Boal Pilar Juarez) died in the collapse of the United Nations building in Port au Prince during the earthquake
Sunday December 6 2009EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 Polish (military)1DiseaseSoldier found dead in the morning at Camp Butmir without “known reason”
Sunday June 21 2009EUMM Georgia1 Georgian (paramedic)1Mine IEDDuring one of the EUMM patrols, the accompanying ambulance from MediClub hits a mine near the border or “administrative boundary” with Abkhazia. Read : Georgia: a mine explodes
Thursday June 19 2008EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina2 Germans + 2 Spaniards (military)4helicopter crashHelicopter crash north of Travnik. Details
Monday April 7 2008EUFOR Chad CAR2 French (military)2Friendly fireTwo French legionnaires — Chief Sergeant Djiakariaou DIALLO of Guinean origin and Corporal Eugen EFTIMIU of Romanian origin of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) — as well as a Togolese soldier and a Chadian peasant) killed by one of their own , a legionnaire, seized by a “fit of madness” at the Camp des Etoiles in Abéché (Chad)
Saturday March 1 2008EUFOR Chad CAR1 French (military)1enemy fireSergeant Gilles Paulin (1st RPIMA) killed following a clash with the Sudanese forces while he was on reconnaissance in Abou Jaradil – commune of Darfur (Sudan). He is said to have accidentally crossed the Chad-Sudan border. Read : First death in operation for Eufor
Friday January 11 2008EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina11 Macedonians (military)11helicopter crashHelicopter crash (Mi-17 of the Macedonian forces) 10 km from Skopje at the end of the mission.
September 17, 2007 (night)EC Delegation Morocco1 Italian (head of delegation)1Home Assassination (Private)The head of the EU delegation in Rabat (Morocco), the Italian Alessandro Missir di Lusignano and his wife (Belgian), Ariane Lagasse de Locht, found murdered in their home. They had just arrived in Rabat. The hypothesis of a burglary that went wrong is officially mentioned. But it could rather be an assassination by a relative Read report La Libre)
Saturday September 22 2007EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 French (military)1OtherChief Marshal David Christian LECLERC, of ​​the 1st Artillery Regiment (1st RA), dies in Gacko – exit towards Bileca
Tuesday, February 6 2007EC Delegation Ivory Coast1 French (head of security)1Killed at home (private) by firearmMichel Niaucel, former commander of the Gendarmerie, in charge of the security of the delegation, found dead at home by firearm. The hypothesis of a suicide has been raised
Tuesday October 3 2006EUFOR RD CongoCollateral losses0Drone accidentCrash of a B-Hunter drone belonging to the Belgian contingent 1 km from the airport: 1 civilian killed and 3 injured on bd Triomphal
Friday February 17 2006MA Aceh (Indonesia)1 French (political adviser)1Accidental drowningThe French diplomat, political adviser to the AMM, Denis Faucounau, disappears at sea while swimming in the north of the island of Sumatra
Thursday, November 17 2005EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 Italian killed (+ 1 injured)11Road accidentItalian Carabinieri Chief Marshal Antonino Aiello is killed in a road accident near Konjic, approx. 40 km south of Sarajevo. Sergeant Davide Bregolin seriously injured in the accident was taken to the local hospital in Konjic. Their vehicle overturned on an embankment on the Sarajevo-Mostar route. They were members of the MSU unit (EUFOR Multinational Police Specialized Unit)
Tuesday July 26 2005EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 Austrian1Suicide22-year-old soldier who died at Camp Eeaglebase in Tuzla before returning to Sarajevo. Circumstances not officially known. Presumably suicide
Tuesday June 28 2005EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina3Accident(to complete)
Saturday April 2 2005EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 Greek (policeman)1Road accidentMember of military police contingent killed in road accident
Saturday September 11 2004EUFOR Althea Bosnia and Herzegovina1 French (military)1Road accidentHussar radiographer 1st class Sébastien Patrick Marc FOUQUET of the 2nd hussar regiment (2nd RH) dies in Rajlovac hospital (Bosnia-Herzegovina). He had an accident in his P4 vehicle between Rastelica and Tarcin.
Monday January 26 2004EUPM Bosnia1 Danish (police commissioner)1DiseaseSven Frederiksen, the head of mission dies of sudden cardiac arrest, 56 years old.
Friday July 20 2001EUMM Fyrom2 observers (Norwegian, Slovenian) + 1 interpreter (Albanian)3Mine IEDNB: the Commissioner's statement pattern
Thursday September 17 1998OHR Bosnia12 dead (diplomats), 5 Germans, 1 British, 1 Pole and 5 Americans.12AccidentCrash of a Ukrainian Mi8 helicopter (chartered by the United Nations) near Bugojno (central Bosnia). Among the victims, Gerd Wagner the deputy of Westendorp, the diplomat responsible for ensuring compliance with the Dayton agreements. NB: the post of high representative of the international community, even if it is not formally an EU mission, counted, the staff being provided largely by Europeans.
Wednesday November 19 1997ECMM Yugoslavia1 French
1Defenestration – enemyLieutenant Commander Yvon Graff (49), Deputy Chief of EEC Observers, member of the Commando Marine Rifles (FMC) unit, was found dead outside the window in front of Hotel I in Belgrade. This act, originally interpreted as a suicide, could be an act of the Serbian services according to certain sources. His death was also reclassified as "combat action". Biography
Saturday 2 May 1992ECMM Yugoslavia – EC Observer Mission in Yugoslavia1 Belgian (observer)1Direct enemy fireCommander Bertrand Borrey is shot dead by Yugoslav Federal Army soldiers near Mostar, Bosnia
Tuesday January 7 1992ECMM Yugoslavia – EC Observer Mission in Yugoslavia4 Italians 1 French (observers)5Enemy fire in Podrute Novi Marof (Croatia)Killed in the crash of their helicopter hit “by mistake” by shots from a MiG of the Yugoslav (Serbian) air force. “An unfortunate combination of circumstances” linked to the “extremely difficult situation prevailing in the airspace”, explains, at the time, tongue-in-cheek, the Yugoslav Ministry of Defense! The white signage of the device like the identification messages were however obvious. The aircraft was piloted by Colonel Venturini. Among them the passengers, the French corvette captain Jean-Loup Bernard Guy EYCHENNE, corvette captains of the Forfusco commandos from the aircraft carrier Clemenceau. Read :
The first EU 'deaths on mission' were 20 years ago
September 11th, 1991Troika EC YugoslaviaNo injuries0enemy fireA Mi 8 helicopter carrying Ambassador Winaents is hit by gunfire (probably from the Yugoslav army). No casualties
©B2 Brussels2Update16/02/22

NB: the balance sheet has been reviewed several times: 1. to integrate the members of the office of the special representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2. to integrate soldiers not taken into account in the first draft (victims in the early days of the ESDP).

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