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Reader's guide: manage your subscription, unsubscribe

The answer to some of your questions

NB: for manage your password and other tips and tricks, it's here

Group membership

The collective or group subscription allows nominative access to be changed during the year (with the possibility of a temporary overrun at the end of the year).

When you register

Send us a message with the names + e-mail addresses (+ department or DG if necessary) of the different people to register.

To add or change an email address

If your subscription provides for several accesses, you can always register another person after your registration. Contact us with the exact name of the person + their e-mail address (+ department or CEO if necessary).

Accelerated account activation

To access B2 Pro without further delay, confirm the plan chosen, with the billing details, by e-mail. We will then activate the address(es) indicated within 24 or 48 (working) hours.

You no longer have access to articles or certain articles?

This can be due to several causes:

1. Your access is terminated. It needs to be renewed. Contact us if you paid by bank transfer or check.

2. Your bank card combined with the automatic payment via PayPal has expired. read on paypal How to register, modify or delete a bank card

3. You have exceeded the IP limit

Some subscriptions (individuals, students) have an automatic limitation of the number of IP addresses by the software. If you work in a structure where several people connect, you must switch to group access (Pro B or Pro C).

If you are connected from several different places, or on several computers / smartphones / tablets. Log out of all access types, and log back in.

Unsubscribe, unsubscribe?

On Club B2 Pro, you can stop your subscription by sending us a short email one week before the renewal (we manage this once a week).

  • If you pay via PayPal, you must (in addition) stop direct debits from the PayPal account. We cannot do it for you. It's simple. Just follow the Paypal instructions.
  • For other payment methods (transfer, Stripe-CB, check, etc.), we initiate the procedure.

If you don't see any reaction from us, don't hesitate to send us a little email (some weeks we are overwhelmed by the news and may not see certain messages).

NB: To no longer receive alerts (by remaining subscribed), simply click on "unsubscribe" displayed at the bottom of our emails. Warning: the alerts of the blog, you can unsubscribe at any time. Just enter your old email address. To change your email address, enter the new one, remove the old one.

Contact us

For any other question, suggestion, or problem, do not hesitate to Contact us

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