B2 in a few dates: From a blog to a complete online media

(B2) Created in February 2008, in the form of a blog dedicated to European defence, Bruxelles2 took off under the French Presidency of the European Union in the summer of 2008.

The beginnings

August 2010, the site is migrating from the Overblog blog hosting platform to a WordPress structure at an independent host.

January 2011, B2 extends its area of ​​coverage to the European Union's foreign policy (CFSP) when the European External Action Service (EEAS) is created.

September 2011, the milestone of 3000 articles has been crossed. A legal structure in the form of an association is created. The evolution of the blog into a site has begun. The Joint Commission for Publications and Press Agencies CPPAP issues a first approval.

January 2012, a new redesign of the site is carried out with a layout reviewed by an external service provider (Whoomi).

March 2012, the milestone of 4000 articles has been reached. Better: that of the 10.000 readers per day too. B2 creates new rubrics.

June 2012, Brussels2 receives the European Initiative Prize.

September 2012, a new edition is launched, B2 Pro, intended for professionals. A turning point to gain financial independence.

April 2013, the milestone of 5000 articles for the two editions has been passed.

June 2014, the database includes almost 7000 articles. The “Foreign Policy” section extends to Humanitarian Aid.

November 2014, The site is getting a makeover with a more elaborate appearance with the B2 webmaster.

December 2014, anniversary date of the Maastricht Summit, a new section is open: the Quezako, with one objective: to have a more educational approach.

February 2015, B2 receives the “Information & general policy” approval from the CPPAP, the result of in-depth work to professionalize the site.

April 2015, the site extends to homeland security, borders, terrorism.

November 2015, B2 opens its facebook page with its own content (articles and books to read, seminars, conferences).

December 2015, B2 passed the milestone of 9000 articles, including 2500 for the professional edition alone.

January 2016, the team is structured with 2 journalists in Brussels and 1 permanent in Strasbourg (European Parliament).

February 2016, releases the first issue of the “diplomatic café”, webtv, an analysis of the main European diplomatic issues, produced in collaboration with Viewws.eu and recorded for the first time live from the patio of the European diplomatic service (EEAS).

April 2017. Releases the first paper work, the handbook on common security and defense policy, a complete 500-page manual, published by Éditions du Villard.

… (being updated) …

December 2021. The moult continues