Internship position for a young B2 student – ​​spring – summer 2023

Come and join our editorial team for a few months. B2 offers a young student the opportunity to do an internship in his team, at the heart of European institutions and geopolitics

The trainee is likely to perform different tasks that may evolve according to the profiles of each but also the schedule of B2

Accredited by us to the European institutions, he / she will ensure a presence in public hearings in the Parliament, the European Council or the Council of the EU (script), the briefings of the European Commission (subject to the sanitary conditions in use ).

He or she will also monitor the press and diplomatic news, update files, analyzes or summaries of documents (and if necessary write short articles).

Il/she also ensures the animation of the various social media channels (twitter, linkedin, facebook, wikipedia, etc.) of B2.

He / she may also be required to help promote B2 events, relations with Think-Tanks and other organizations (To read page and B2 Jobs in the Watch Book), or relations / search for members .

NB: this work therefore includes a writing part and a communication part. The distribution varies according to the CVs and the news, one part being able to prevail over the other.


Duration: 3 to 6 months. Start: between March and May. Post in Brussels.

Full-time internship (with possibility of days off according to current events or public holidays / European vacations). Compensation according to the rules in force. No course in August. Attention ! European news today is captivating, but intense ++. Dilettantes abstain…

In priority

This position is primarily intended for a student already present in Belgium (preferably in Brussels or its surroundings), in European studies, political science, or international relations (ULB, UCL, Liège, etc.). Francophone.

Preferably have a dissertation topic, or research in accordance with the subjects covered by B2 will be a 'plus'. Our ambition is to be able to give you one or two keys to carry out your research work. Privileged subjects: Defense Europe, CSDP and CFSP, Crisis management structures (High Representative, EEAS, etc.), terrorism, etc.

La knowledge of European institutions is necessary. It is therefore recommended to revise them as needed.

Conditions (mandatory)


  1. Excellent command of the French language (particularly spelling).
  2. Good knowledge ofEnglish (reading and listening). It is mandatory. This is the condition sine qua non for all editorial positions, English being the working language at 90% in the European institutions.
  3. Knowledge of another European foreign policy language. German will be preferred. Italian, Dutch or Slavic language, etc. is a real plus. NB: Optional criterion if bilingual English.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Good understanding of computer and technological tools (wordpress or blog, twitter, skype), etc.
  2. The sensitivity of B2's favorite sectors (international relations, defence, etc.) requires impeccable confidentiality and a necessary relationship of trust. Multiple collaborations or other activities, even on a voluntary or extra-professional basis, must therefore be declared to avoid any incompatibility.
  3. Have a taste for international news, alert senses, a sharp eye, a capacity for rapid adaptation (journalistic time is in minutes… not days).
  4. The ability to work both solo et as a team is also widely recommended. Journalism is a work of solitary endurance but also of solidarity presence.

You can send us an application (cover letter with CV) in the “comments” box or by email addressed to the editor-in-chief at nicolas(a)

Important! Do not use the European CV template (unsuitable). Prefer the good old CV on one page (two maximum).

In your application letter, be direct, to the point:

  • 1. your dates of availability,
  • 2. your favorite theme(s),
  • 3. your memory theme (current or past),
  • 4. what you want to do next after your internship,
  • 5. the points that do not appear in your CV that stick well to our background, and a little personal soul,
  • 6. your specific conditions (minimum indemnity, examination periods and dissertation).
  • NB: no need to say that you love B2 (we know it) and motivated (we know it).

Do not forget to indicate first and last name, date of birth and… telephone (always useful)

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