Position: project manager & public relations

B2 – Bruxelles2 the daily newspaper of geopolitical Europe is recruiting a person responsible for supporting its growth.

You will be placed at the heart of a whirlwind, thrilling news, where diplomatic and defense Europe finds itself on the front line. It is up to you to develop and develop our media in close liaison with the editor-in-chief and the editorial staff.

Approved as an online media for political and general information in France and accredited to European institutions, B2 currently employs four permanent journalists and several freelancers. Three to four articles are published on average per day, five days a week. Its readers range from students to ministers, including diplomats, officers, senior civil servants and players in European life. A demanding but loyal, responsive and pleasant readership.

You will be involved in editorial meetings (weekly forecast).

Core Tasks

  • Management of members-subscribers (follow-up, processing of requests) and recruitment of new ones (via emails, social networks, conference)
  • Public relations: promotion of B2 articles in the media and editorial sphere, animation and monitoring of B2 social media tools
  • Participation in editorial projects (B2 website, podcast, editions, etc.)
  • Fundraising – fundraising


  • Master's degree – more in the field of political science, international relations, management / communication.
  • Francophone – spelling – impeccable grammar.
  • Written or oral English essential.
  • Fluency in writing and electronic communication (email).
  • Knowledge of the European world, diplomacy and/or defence.
  • Familiar with tools Online (WordPress, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Resident in Belgium / Brussels.
  • A 'plus' other EU language (German, Dutch, Slavic, Italian, Spanish).


  • Sense of mandatory discretion and discipline.
  • Sense of organization and self-organization
  • Sense of initiative
  • Attraction for geopolitics (defense, foreign affairs, political science) Ease in an international environment

Terms of contract

  • Independent status BE (possible development in salaried employment)
  • Fees (invoice): 1400 euros fixed + profit bonus (100 to 400 euros).
  • Advantages: transport package (STIB), internet / telephone + computer equipment.
  • Full time: 5 days or 4 1/2 days (half day Off / week possible).
  • Mode: telecommuting + regular update in our offices (Brussels Europe) at least once or twice a week.
  • Holidays: 6 weeks per year (summer – Christmas – Easter) + additional days off.
  • Possibility of following a small parallel training (if limited schedule).
  • NB: a security screening can be carried out by EU, BE or FR authorities.