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Shortages, Iran, State of the Union… The excluded and news of the week on B2 Pro this week (September 12 to 16)

Emergency situations, JCPOA, European Defence, State of the Union, European Diplomatic Academy... Summary of the numerous information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives.

Ursula von der Leyen in Strasbourg for the annual State of the European Union address (European Parliament)

[Confidential] For avoid shortages in the Union, the Commission is launching a new emergency instrument

The European Commission plans to create an emergency instrument to safeguard the integrity of the internal market in the event of a crisis. It will come in three frameworks: one for contingency planning, one for single market vigilance and another for emergencies. B2 read preview the draft regulation.

[Verbatim] JCPOA: negotiation in a critical situation

While a deal was within reach, the latest Iranian response showed that Tehran and Washington were beginning to diverge. Against all expectations, Iran decides to reopen the question of the safeguards of the Atomic Energy Agency, which was to beforehand be " separated of the JCPOA. Negotiations blocked, at the edge of the critical threshold. They could resume after the American mid-terms (the mid-term elections), but under certain conditions...

[Verbatim] The President of the European Commission speaks on the state of the Union

The Russian war in Ukraine, the European reaction and its consequences have been the leitmotif of the speech by President Von der Leyen on the state of the union, on Wednesday (14.09) at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. From independence to Russian fossil fuels, to blocking funding from autocracies such as China, it is sure to set the tone for future priorities for the European Union...

[Verbatim] Germany wants to take the lead European defense

Germans and Europeans have no choice but to cooperate. Says Christine Lambrecht, German Defense Minister. She gives five ways to foster this cooperation at a conference organized by the think tanks German DGAP, Monday (12.09).

[News] The European External Action Service (EEAS) launches a European Diplomatic Academy

For this new school year, 42 young diplomats from 22 countries and European institutions will test the european diplomatic academy. It was created for " give the possibility to know the structure of the EU from the inside and (...) to know how things are in real life ". But it does not guarantee automatic entry into the EEAS.

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