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Scaf, EUMAM Ukraine, Spatial, Sanctions against Russia… news from B2 Pro (September 26 to 30)

(B2) SCAF program almost unlocked, EUMAM Ukraine entangled, Atos separated from its space activity, new sanctions package, Russian deserters... Summary of the numerous information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives.

[Confidential] The Air Combat System of the Future (SCAF) takes another step

More than a year after the signing of the contracts at the political level, the last obstacles are being lifted at the industrial level. The SCAF is almost unblocked. Spain opens the ball. The Franco-German couple must follow during the Franco-German council scheduled for the end of October.

[Exclusive] EUMAM Ukraine: A more difficult discussion than expected

Lost between the assurance of Poland, the refusal of Berlin and the abstention of Hungary, the future European military mission EUMAM Ukraine is experiencing ignition delay. The tense relations between certain Member States complicates the deal. Nevertheless, details of his command and the duration of his mandate are becoming clearer...

[News] Atos separates from part of its space business

The restructuring of the French technology company Atos continues. By March 2023, the Dane Terma will have bought the space activities of Atos. Money problems for one and the desire for more European visibility for the other, the reasons given by the two parties deserve attention.

[News] Sanctions against Russia … Rebelote!

On Wednesday (29.09), European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and High Representative Josep Borrell presented a 6th Ter package of European sanctions against Russia. In response to the mock referendums held in the Ukrainian territories and to Putin's threat to use nuclear weapons. Import/export, blacklist, Russian oil... What's new?

[News] Reception of Russian deserters: a dilemma for the 27

 Should we welcome the Russians refusing to go to war with Putin? Europeans are torn between the need for solidarity... and the threats to their security. A stronger fear for the countries adjoining Russia or Ukraine. The 27 are looking for a common answer 

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