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Russian mobilization, EUFOR Althea, modernization of armies. The excluded and news of the week on B2 Pro (September 19 to 23)

(B2) Speech by Vladimir Putin, EUFOR Althea, industrial cooperation, role of the European Defense Agency... Summary of the many information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives.

[Analysis] Russia puts itself in a position of aggression

Seven months after the start of his special operation in Ukraine, the Russian president finally speaks. Mobilization of Russian troops and industrial apparatus, annexations etc. Vladimir Putin launches last chance attempt for " protect the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Russia ". At his own risk... Russian mobilization. An expected turnaround, a risky bet

[Decryption] EUFOR Althea: An uncertain future

Is the EU stabilization mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina living its last weeks? For the moment, Moscow does not seem to want to reconsider the existence of this mission. And the Europeans hope that by avoiding drawing attention to the subject, nothing will change. How to circumvent the threat of a Russian veto on EUFOR Althea? Options

[News] An industrial association caused by the war

Europe must urgently modernize its armies. This is the appeal launched by the two manufacturers, Rheinmetall and Helsing teaming up for the future of land defense. As a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine, Europe.

[Interview] The European Defense Agency: a focal point for getting Member States to work together

In the immediate future, the Europeans need to fill their stocks of defense equipment. And it needs regroup the States around concrete equipment. The European Defense Agency can act as an acquisition agent, reminds its director, Jiří Šedivý.

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